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Design patterns and testability
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Scheduler details can be inspected with the sys.dm_os_schedulers DMV. Querying this DMV will reveal one scheduler per CPU core that the instance has access to, a number of system schedulers, and one for the dedicated administrator connection (DAC). Included columns reveal a number of scheduler-level details such as the number of tasks and yield count.
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This XAML is equivalent to the code in the Window_Loaded method:
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This method is called from the MDI container form, in our case the ParentForm class. The MdiLayout enumeration is summarized in .NET Table 16.3. To demonstrate how this is used, we will create a new Windows menu containing options for each of the main layout options. An illustration of each option is shown in the table.
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I was involved once in a project with a major corporation to build an ASP.NET-based prototype whose main objective was to showcase .NET best development practices. During the requirements-gathering phase, I worked with one of the in-house business analysts. The application had to simulate an online food delivery service and allow customers to browse food categories, select an item, and so forth in other words, a typical shopping cart e-store application. One of the client requirements stipulated that we had to follow the client process methodology, and its first stage was creating use cases. The business analyst and I divided the use cases among us. You can imagine my surprise when I was reading the Cook food and Deliver food use cases that she had come up with. The Cook food use case included such tasks as get ingredients, heat utensils, mix ingredients, and taste food, whereas Deliver food called for the driver checking the gas tank, filling the tank, and similar tasks. Obviously the analyst was more familiar with the food-cooking process than software development.
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THE IMAGELIST CLASS The ImageList class, summarized in .NET Table 13.4, provides a convenient way to store and access images required by various objects. An ImageList component
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Named SQL queries
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Table 8.1 Summary of the File Depot examples Section 8.4 Generating newsfeeds with Java 8.5 Generating newsfeeds with C# 8.6.5 Caching and compression in Java 8.6.6 Caching and compression in C# depot-rss.jsp DepotAtomServlet.java Technique Newsfeed library XML tools Newsfeed library XML tools Template language Template language Platform Java / Servlet C# / .NET Java / JSP Java / JSP Java / JSP Java / Servlet Format Any RSS 2.0 RSS 2.0 RSS 2.0 RSS 2.0 Atom 1.0
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Movie timeline.
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Now that we ve covered the structure of an XAML file, you can look at one and quickly realize it represents a hierarchical tree of objects starting from the root (typically a UserControl or Page) and going all the way down to the various shapes, panels, and other elements that make up the control templates in use. That hierarchical structure is known as an object tree. Figure 2.3 shows a hypothetical object tree. Each element has the concept of a parent (the containing element) and may have a child or children in panel-type collection properties, content properties, or other general-purpose properties.
(String)dr["ContactTitle"]; customers.Address = dr["Address"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["Address"]; customers.City = dr["City"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["City"]; customers.Region = dr["Region"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["Region"]; customers.PostalCode = dr["PostalCode"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["PostalCode"]; customers.Country = dr["Country"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["Country"]; customers.Phone = dr["Phone"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["Phone"]; customers.Fax = dr["Fax"] is DBNull string.Empty : (String)dr["Fax"];
$columns = 5
In Cocoa, however, you typically create class instances from within Interface Builder. Remember, the application s Nib file holds archived objects that are unarchived and initialized when the user launches the program. In many cases, this replaces the typical method of creating instances programmatically within the source code. To create a class instance, select the class in the class list and select Classes Instantiate [Class name]. Connecting components, outlets, and actions After creating the classes and class files, declaring their outlets and actions, and creating class instances, you need to connect each interface component with its corresponding outlet and action. Doing so ensures that the right data is stored in the right location in the model and your program performs the correct action based on a user input.
[nameView setStringValue:[villain objectForKey:kName]]; [lastKnownLocationView setStringValue: [villain objectForKey:kLastKnownLocation]];
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