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button (breaking encapsulation), or the button needs to tell the user control, which needs to tell the form, which needs to tell the application which is a pain in the neck. WPF adds an additional complication composition. Before WPF, a radio button was just a radio button a control that had behavior. With WPF, you can think of a radio button as a series of shapes joined together cooperatively (a circle, a dot to indicate checked, the text, the focus rectangle, and so on). Each of these needs to know what s going on in some manner; which bit of the control gets the click that eventually generates an event can vary. If you had to subscribe to an event on the circle, the dot, and the text in order to determine if someone had clicked the radio button, it would get seriously tedious. This nesting can be taken arbitrarily further the circle for the radio button could be replaced with a 3D animation, itself made up of different elements. To address these and other issues, WPF has a number of new (and very cool) eventbased capabilities. The most powerful and useful of these are routed events, the primary topic of this chapter.
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Can I run and get results from a unit test I wrote two weeks or months or years ago
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Opening Email Attachments
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Since the call of factorial() returned a value of 1, this statement is equivalent to
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if (_instance == null) { _instance = new RealSingletonLogic(); } return _instance; } } }
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Table 5.6 The base location of the isolated storage area on each operating system supported in Silverlight Location AppData/Local C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\Microsoft\Silverlight\is C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\is
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The query in listing 4 is another confirmation of CPU pressure. If the runnable_ tasks_count is above single digits, you re likely seeing some CPU pressure (although it could be something else, such as severe blocking).
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Controls are visual by definition. For that reason, several properties can be shared as a baseline implementation for anything visual and potentially interactive. The appearance-related properties for control are shown in table 10.1.
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Use the Bindings palette to set the binding for your objects. In the earlier section on bindings, I described binding the enabled property of the Reset button to the started property of the game object. Figure 20-8 shows how that binding is set in Interface Builder.
The reports that you get back from the tests can be saved as part of the supporting documentation for your project. As is so often the case with Xcode development, there is a lot more to this topic than you ll be covering here. There is some excellent documentation support, and I ll point you at it as we go along.
MessageBox.Show("Format your C drive ", "Windows Caption", MessageBoxButton.OKCancel);
Activity Monitor
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