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firstPress: LINQ to Objects
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CHAPTER 5: Buttons & Labels with Multiple Graphics
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An example configuration file is shown in listing 14.4. The configuration file specifies, among other things, the type of encoding, the maximum receive message and buffer sizes, the binding contract, and endpoint information.
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Looking at the list of four file types I used previously, you might be wondering how I figured them out. Getting TIFF and JPEG is kind of obvious, but how did I know that the Photoshop file type is 8BPS Is there a list of file types somewhere A list may exist, but I don t have it. To get the file type, I use, well, a script! The following script line will return the four-letter string that is the chosen file s file type. It uses, as you can see, the choose file command: file type of (info for (choose file)) Or, to get the identifier, you can use this: type identifier of (info for (choose file)) The preceding script is a combination of two commands: choose file, which returns an alias, and info for, which returns a file information record describing the file. As you can see in Figure 12-29, the script s result is the chosen file s four-character code.
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PS (12) > dir function:clippy CommandType ----------Function Name ---clippy Definition ---------"I see you're writin...
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When you re writing queries and testing them in your application, you may encounter one of the common performance issues with ORM. Fortunately, you know how to avoid (or, at least, limit) their impact. This process is called optimizing object retrieval. Let s walk through the most common issues.
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XElement xml = new XElement("html", new XElement("body", new XElement("h1", "LINQ Books Library"), new XElement("div", new XElement("b", "LINQ in Action"), " By: Fabrice Marguerie, Steve Eichert, Jim Wooley\n" + " Published By: Manning\n" ), new XElement("div", new XElement("b", "AJAX in Action"),
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Here s how to implement the lazy initialization pattern: 1. 2. 3. Create a private instance or private static variable that will eventually contain the data, but is initialized with a placeholder value (typically nil). Wrap the variable in a property that provides a public getter method. In the getter method, test the variable for its placeholder value. If it has not been initialized, construct it and save the results. Return the newly, or previously, constructed data to the sender.
CHAPTER 4: An Introduction to the Code
firstPress: LINQ to Objects
Understanding before coding
CHAPTER 12: E-mail
The OLE DB Destination fast load panel
Figure 10.2 By default, the ListBox control displays a scroll bar when the number of items to display exceeds the size of the box.
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