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If You Can t Make Purchases from iTunes or the App Store
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This markup sets up a new DomainDataSource control, tells it to automatically call the query when loaded, and sets the query name to the one that loads the employee information from the domain service. For this to work, you ll also need to set up the riaControls and domain namespaces in the same XAML file. They are as follows:
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protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { . . . // Initialize the contents of the form InitTreeData(); }
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- (IBAction)doWork:(id)sender { NSDate *startTime = [NSDate date]; dispatch_async(dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0), ^{ NSString *fetchedData = [self fetchSomethingFromServer]; NSString *processed = [self processData:fetchedData]; __block NSString *firstResult; __block NSString *secondResult; dispatch_group_t group = dispatch_group_create(); dispatch_group_async(group, dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0), ^{ firstResult = [self calculateFirstResult:processed]; }); dispatch_group_async(group, dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0), ^{ secondResult = [self calculateSecondResult:processed]; }); dispatch_group_notify(group, dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0), ^{ NSString *resultsSummary = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"First: [%@]\nSecond: [%@]", firstResult, secondResult]; dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{ [resultsTextView setString:resultsSummary]; }); NSDate *endTime = [NSDate date]; NSLog(@"Completed in %f seconds", [endTime timeIntervalSinceDate:startTime]); }); }); }
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Figure 15-1. C# conversion hierarchy
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Listing 18.16 A LinearGradientBrush rendered horizontally
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Monty Python
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default container for all data bound to the form. In our case, we will simply use the default BindingContext for our form, and not discuss this class in too much detail. A single BindingManagerBase object exists for each bound data object. In our case, with a single PhotoAlbum object bound to our controls, our application will have a single BindingManagerBase created. For an object with multiple members, such as a database with multiple tables, a BindingManagerBase will exist for each member bound to a control. A ControlBindingsCollection object contains the collection of actual bindings created for a control. The DataBindings property in the Control class contains the collection of these binding objects. Each binding object is a Binding class instance. The Binding class permits any property of any control to be bound to any column or property of a data source. We will see this in our application shortly. Let s discuss the previous table from the bottom up, beginning with the Binding class. Typically, it is not necessary to access this class directly. Even so, it is likely useful to see the properties that make up each individual binding, so a summary of this class appears in .NET Table 17.6. Note that the possible data sources for simple data binding correspond to those shown earlier in the chapter for the DataGrid control. As you can see, this class is fairly generic, and permits any property to be bound to pretty much anything. The Format and Parse events can even be used to specify exactly how this binding will take place when converting between the data source and the control s property. If you are thoroughly confused at this point, don t fret. We will lay this out step by step for our application, which should aid your understanding. Let s start with a summary of exactly what should be bound to what. The following table shows our controls, the property in each control that we would like to bind, and the member of the Photograph object within our PhotoAlbum data source that can provide this value.
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These battery life durations are in ideal conditions with a new, fully charged battery. You will notice that over time, your actual battery life will diminish.
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if (!RsHelpers.HasPermissions(PermissionType.Item, txtFolderPath.Text, permissions)) { MessageBox.Show(String.Format("You don't have sufficient rights to ")) return; Loads }
To eliminate the nudging bugaboo, we ll add a timer to move the animation along. BOM provides two kinds: window.setTimeout() runs a function after a certain number of milliseconds have elapsed, and window.setInterval() runs a function in intervals of a certain number of milliseconds. Regardless of which timer you go with, the parameters are the same. The first one is the function to run, and the second is the number of milliseconds to wait. I tend to favor setTimeout() over setInterval() for the reason that JavaScript will not honor the call to setInterval() in the event that the last task setInterval() added to the UI queue is still in there. This behavior can result in jerky animations. So setTimeout() it is. If x is within bounds, we will tell JavaScript to run animate() again in 15 milliseconds. It is always preferable to recurse by way of arguments.callee, which refers to the function that is running, than to do so with an identifier like animate. With this in mind, let s modify animate() like so: function prepScrollers() { var elements = findClass("scroller"); for (var i = elements.length; i --; ) { (function (scroller) {
= Fields!FirstName.Value & " " & Fields!LastName.Value
Computer A or EC2 Instance A
Whatever happened to the paperless office
Planning and Deploying
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