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In theory, this parameter allows you to choose the precise protocol used to transfer the data over the network. However, for AF_INET-type sockets, your only choice is between TCP and UDP, which is already determined by the socket type. You should therefore just use zero to let iPhone OS select the appropriate protocol.
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Changing the Incoming Server Port
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Figure 14-5. Name the new class.
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The Grid panel
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Checking Sent Messages
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WPF routed events
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CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste & Search
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Basic queries for objects
This query doesn t return a persistent entity, so NHibernate doesn t add a transactional object to the ISession cache. Furthermore, NHibernate won t track changes to these returned objects. Reporting queries result in faster release of allocated memory, because objects aren t kept in the ISession cache until the ISession is closed they may be garbage collected as soon as they re dereferenced by the application, after executing the report. These considerations are almost always extremely minor, so don t go out and rewrite all your read-only transactions to use report queries instead of transactional, cached, and monitored objects. Report queries are more verbose and (arguably) less object oriented. They also make less efficient use of NHibernate s caches, which is much more important once you consider the overhead of remote communication with the database in production systems. We follow the don t optimize prematurely wisdom, and we urge you to wait until you find an actual case where you have a real performance problem before using this optimization.
You can build and run CarParts-Split now, and you ll find its behavior unchanged from the original version, which is the one that uses AllWeatherRadials and Slant6:
Thus on SQL 2008, there is a considerable reduction in the overhead compared to the trigger for the fragments_persons table. To be fair, that trigger handles deletions as well.
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