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Configuring SQL Server
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Expander 189 Expander control 81 Expanders 433 Expression 58 Expression Blend 405 Expression Blend. See Microsoft Expression Blend Expression Design. See Microsoft Expression Design Expression Media. See Microsoft Expression Media Expression Web. See Microsoft Expression Web
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- (float) distanceBetweenThisPoint:(CGPoint)firstPoint (CGPoint)secondPoint; @end
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asynchronous Web service calls 374 AsyncState 374 authenticating, web users 410 Authentication 547 and data sources 69 defined 261 vs. data source authentication 264 Authoring features 7 authorization creating policies 274 creating roles 274 defined 261 policies 270 policy inheritance 271 policy management 271 roles 268 tasks 268 Authorization Manager 294, 472 473, 481, 549 AccessCheck API 480 and Windows 2000 481 application groups 474 Authorization Store 473 console 473 creating authorization stores 473 defined 472 dynamic rules 481 operations 475 role assignments 478 roles 477 security model 472 tasks 476 vs. RS role-based security 472 authorization store initializing 478 auto-filtering 592 AutoRefresh property 174 auto-refreshing reports 174 availability 574 available parameter values 363 available values data-driven 95 non-queried 95 Avg function 84
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Compile and run the application to verify that these icons now appear on their respective forms. This method can be used to assign an existing icon to any form. Of course, a custom icon can be created and assigned to a form as well. We discuss this in the next section. At times you may prefer that an icon not appear in a form. The ControlBox property for the Form class removes the icon as well as the system menu and its shortcuts from the title bar. As an alternate method, we saw in chapter 8 how setting the form s FormBorderStyle property to FixedDialog removes the icon without affecting the presence of the system menu. Either technique may be used in your applications, depending on the desired behavior. 12.4.2 REPLACING THE APPLICATION ICON You might think that the icon for the application is based on the icon assigned to the main form, namely the form containing the Main entry point for the assembly. A fine notion, but not true. In fact, the application icon is totally separate from the icons assigned to any forms within the application. One reason for this is that applications will not always contain a main form, and console applications and libraries may not contain any forms at all. By default, Visual Studio creates an application icon as part of all Windows Forms projects. This is the App.ico file we first saw back in chapter 2. Double-clicking on this file in the Solution Explorer window will display the Icon Editor window, and permit the icon to be edited much like we edited bitmaps earlier in the chapter. Since icons contain multiple image types, you need to edit each image type when you alter the default or any other icon file. You can select the image type to display in the Icon Window by selecting the Current Icon Image Types submenu from the Icon Editor window s popup menu. For our purposes, we will simply select an icon from the set of images provided by Microsoft in the common image directory. The current application icon, visible by double-clicking the App.ico file or looking at the MyPhotos.exe file in the MyPhotos project s bin directory, looks a bit like this: We would prefer to use the same icon we assigned to the MainForm window as the application icon, so let s see exactly how to do this.
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Web services provide a stateless model similar to the SingleCall activation mode which we explored in the previous chapter when we looked at remoting. Therefore, when a client invokes a remote method, the server automatically constructs the relevant object, executes the method, returns any results, and discards the object. This is in keeping with the stateless nature of the HTTP protocol. In this section, we explore ways of maintaining state between method calls and we see how to emulate singleton and client-activated modes of operation.
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In order for the Genius feature to work correctly, iTunes needs to understand the types of music and videos you have in your library. It will use this information to help make suggestions on similar artists or videos that you don t yet own, but might want to purchase. When this step is done, you will see a final success screen similar to the one shown in Figure 26 19. Now you are ready to start using the Genius feature!
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NSArray is a Cocoa class that holds an ordered list of objects. You can put any kind of objects in an NSArray: NSString, Car, Shape, Tire, or whatever else you want.
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Since businesses have become dependent on e-mail, many processes and procedures are integrated with the environment of sending and receiving e-mail. Therefore, it is critical that the messaging environment is monitored closely. The messaging environment is also one of those areas on which managers like to have reports and statistics for service level agreement (SLA) reporting. In this section, we will focus on Exchange 2000/2003, as Exchange 5.5 support ended on December 31, 2005. Install the following management packs to monitor an Exchange Server environment: Microsoft Exchange Server Management Pack for MOM 2005 Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SLA Scorecard for Exchange Microsoft Availability Reporting Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Microsoft Windows Server Base Operating Systems Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Depending on the hardware that is used to host the Exchange environment, one or more of the following management packs should be installed: HP Server Management Packs for MOM 2005 Dell Management Pack for MOM 2005 IBM Director 5.10 (for integration of IBM Director with MOM 2005)
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Ruby is slightly more computationally expensive than other languages, but having easy resource expansion available can cure a lot of the what if I get mentioned on Oprah scares that business people experience. Rails is a particularly good match for cloud computing because of its shared-nothing architecture. This means you can generate new instances of an application, and they will begin to run. And developers love Ruby because of their much higher productivity. Many small companies are now providing RoR clouds (many layered on top of Amazon). Use Ruby on Rails if you
Overriding AppleScript Commands
Figure 5.1 A user interface that allows the user to choose the sort order he wants to see applied to a list of books
stated that if security problems caused by uncaught malicious input could be solved, the vast majority of computer security issues would disappear (Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2003, Security Symposium, Session 1). Thoroughly checking all parameters that come into a method and rejecting the invalid parameters by throwing an ArgumentException-derived object is the best way to implement malicious input checks. The .NET Framework libraries are written using this technique (it s possible to verify this claim by using Reflector ( or the Shared Source CLI (which is based on the commercial CLR and is available from http:// The actual pattern used is as follows: using System; class SomeRandomClass { private static readonly int MaxValueP1 = 10; public void { if (p1 < 0 { throw new "p1 must } SomeRandomMethod(int p1, string p2) || p1 > SomeRandomClass.MaxValueP1) ArgumentOutOfRangeException("p1", p1, be a positive number less than " + MaxValueP1.ToString());
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