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If you think back to chapter 7, that pipeline input information near the end is interesting. It tells me that the -session parameter can accept, from the pipeline, a PSSession object. I know that Get-PSSession produces PSSession objects, so this syntax should also work:
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This offers some insight into how named data slots are implemented in .NET. We can see that the exception was raised because an entry already existed in a Hashtable. This means that Hashtable is used to associate the named data slot with its name. Named slots offer an alternative to keeping a variable with the originally allocated slot, as must be done when using an unnamed data slot. They are more convenient than using an unnamed data slot, but are not as convenient as using the ThreadStatic attribute. If more flexibility is required, then one of the data slot methods should be used. Listing 11.3 shows how to allocate a slot, store data, and then retrieve data from it in a thread local way.
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Note If a Warning dialog box appears, you have selected a Web site that is not protected. Addressing security is an important topic for MCMS administration. Refer to 4 or the MSDN for additional information about security.
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Now the boxes in the PhysicsBox2D02 project will be tinted purple whenever they touch other boxes.
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Dim Handler As New EventHandler(AddressOf MessageBoxHandler) AddHandler Timer1.Tick, Handler
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disableCommand("Dealing..."); setBet(); freezeBet(); hideCards();
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If you don t want to manually input letters, you can just move your finger and flick from the bottom up and you ll see your Contacts move quickly on the screen. Just continue to flick or scroll until you see the name you want. Tap the name and the contact information will appear.
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We could modify our ABSwitcher so that, instead of having an ElementA and an ElementB, it had something like a CurrentElement and an OldElement, and we could bind to those. The problem with this approach is that, particularly with more complex effects, it gets tricky to make sure that the elements are properly positioned without getting one or the other element to flash up on the screen. If you re really good at XAML4, you could probably handle this, but it does mean that you ll have to handle it for every type of effect. We could store the effect itself as a resource and then bind the appropriate elements within our control template. The problem with this approach is that it makes the XAML really hard to read. Because the goal of combining the effects is to improve maintainability, we think that this is going in the wrong direction.
5.3.2 Nonstrict mocks
Advanced database capabilities
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