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You ll use advanced query techniques less frequently with NHibernate, but it will be helpful to know about them. In this section, we discuss programmatically building criteria with example objects, a topic we briefly introduced earlier. Filtering collections is also a handy technique: you can use the database instead of filtering objects in memory. Subqueries and queries in native SQL will round out your knowledge of NHibernate query techniques.
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Dealing with SOAP exceptions is easy if you follow this tip. When a SOAP exception is thrown, the Report Server will set the response code to indicate that an error condition has occurred. However, the actual exception message is in the SOAP response s payload and it won t be logged by default. To find out more about what went wrong, you can intercept the ACT request using a tracing tool, such as MSSoapT or tcpTrace. To redirect the request to the virtual port, you will need to change the RS_PORT constant in the ACT script accordingly, for example, to 8080. Now, you can run the script to fire a single request and look at the SOAP response s payload to get to the exception message. Alternatively, you can use DebugView to trace the Report Server s output.
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ChannelItem.IsHiddenModePublished Channel.IsImportant Posting.IsHiddenModePublished Posting.IsImportant
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sprite.anchorPoint = CGPointMake(0, 0.5f); sprite.position = CGPointMake(0, screenSize.height / 2);
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hard error 244 hardening (disk writes) 38 hardware components 31 hardware NUMA. See non-uniform memory access hardware security module (HSM) 127 hash join 323 HBA. See host bus adapter heap 274, 281, 284 heartbeat (mirroring) 244 heat generation 28 hidden snapshot (dbcc) 273 high availability 226 options compared 229 high performance database mirroring. See database mirroring high-performance mode 239 high-safety mode 239 histogram 325
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Typing In Other Languages International Keyboards
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No matter how many rows you modify in a statement, the condition specified by a constraint is checked one row at a time, and can t see which other rows are modified. You can access the columns in a table by name with no alias, or you can access data in other rows, or even tables using user-defined functions. As another example, consider the employee.salary example we used previously in the chapter. If you wanted to make sure it s greater than 0, you might define the following:
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The NaturalDuration property gives you access to the natural duration of a media item. This duration is available once the MediaElement has successfully opened a media stream, so you shouldn t use the NaturalDuration property until the MediaOpened event has fired. Once the MediaOpened event has fired, you can access the total length of a media item, as shown here:
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You may favor Box2D over Chipmunk simply because of its C++ interface. Being written in C++ has the added advantage that it integrates better with the likewise objectoriented Objective-C language. You may also appreciate that Box2D uses fully writtenout words throughout, as opposed to the many one-letter abbreviations common in Chipmunk. In addition, Box2D makes use of operator overloading so that you can, for example, add two vectors simply by writing the following:
Thus far we ve only explored how to load XML into XElement objects. If you re interested in accessing the XML declarations (XDeclaration), top-level XML processing instructions (XProcessingInstruction), XML document type definitions (XDocumentType), or XML comments (XComment) within an XML document, you ll need to load your XML into an XDocument object instead of an XElement. To load XML into an XDocument object, you can use the same mechanisms that we just discussed. The static Load method on XDocument has the same overloads as XElement and provides the same basic behavior. The only difference is that XDocument can contain additional nodes types as children. If we again want to load the MSDN RSS feed, but this time we re interested in being able to access every child node (including the XML declarations, DTDs, processing instructions, and comments) we can load the RSS feed into an XDocument object using the following code:
The associated file has an album The collection of photos in this album. file extension. The node is not a top-level or an album node. Nothing for now. Later we will draw the actual photograph associated with this node.
Introducing Client Application Deployment with ClickOnce ( pull=/library/en-us/ dnwinforms/html/clickonce.asp) Discusses the forthcoming new deployment model for WinForm applications in the next version of Visual Studio.NET. Using an Eval Function in Web Services ( Demonstrates how the CodeDom technology can be used to compile and execute code dynamically. Safe, Simple Multithreading in Windows Forms ( url=/library/en-us/dnforms/html/ winforms01232003.asp) A three-part article that shows how to use multithreading in WinForm applications. Microsoft patterns and practices for Application Architecture and Design ( url=/library/en-us/dnanchor/html/ Anch_EntDevAppArchPatPrac.asp) An essential read on the best practices for Microsoft-centered application development. Includes the documentation of the Microsoft Application Blocks.
CUSTOMIZE THE COLUMNS TO APPEAR IN THE DATA GRID Action 1 Locate the OnLoad method in the MainForm.cs code window. Create a column style for the
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Figure 7-7. Three20 is a direct dependency to the application.
Managing reports
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