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Again this is brief, but it looks like the cat walked across the keyboard (trust me on this one). So while this is fine for interactive use, it is not recommended in scripts because it s hard to understand and maintain. As another, more compelling example of Software by Cats , here s a pathological example that combines elements from the last few chapters type casts, operators, and the flow control cmdlets to generate a list of strings of even-numbered letters in the alphabet, where the length of the string matches the ordinal number in the alphabet ( A is 1, B is 2, and so on).
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Developing a reliable backup strategy is arguably the most fundamental and important of all DBA tasks. Fortunately, there are a number of well-established best practices to assist in this process. Design a backup strategy for the speed and ease of restoration, not the convenience of the backup. The design should be centered around the service level agreements for restoration time and acceptable data loss. Thoroughly document the backup and restore process and include actual code for various restore scenarios. Anyone with moderate DBA skills should be able to follow the documentation to ensure the correct restore process is executed in the shortest possible time. When developing disaster recovery plans, consider smaller events as potential disasters in addition to complete site failure. Small disasters such as the accidental deletion of a production table can have just as much impact as big ones. Simulate and practice recovering from disasters on a regular basis to ensure that documentation is up to date and that all appropriate support staff are comfortable with, and trained in, the recovery process. Consider implementing random fire drills to more accurately simulate disaster. To minimize the performance impact, schedule full backups for periods of lowusage times. Ensure system databases (with the exception of tempdb) are backed up on a regular basis, and immediately after the installation of any service packs, hotfixes, or cumulative updates. System databases store important instance-level data such as login information, maintenance plans, SQL Agent job definitions, and execution history. Restoring a master database backup that was taken when an earlier service pack version was installed is not an experience I recommend! Use COPY_ONLY backups to avoid breaking backup chains when additional backups are required. Backing up the tail of a transaction log using the WITH NO_TRUNCATE option should be limited to situations in which the database is damaged and inaccessible; otherwise, the COPY_ONLY option should be used in its place. After first creating a database or changing the recovery model, take a full backup to initialize the log chain.
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You may notice that when you run the previous example, only names containing uppercase Ds are matched. If you want to make grep ignore case, add the -i option between the grep command s name and its argument, as shown here: ls | grep -i D.
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virtual instances can be taken offline and de-provisioned, and you will no longer be billed. Your incremental cost is only for the hours that those additional instances were in use and active.
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Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature
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Now say we want only the name of the directory containing the file and not all of the other properties of the object. We can also do this with Select-Object. As with the sort cmdlet, Select-Object also takes a -property parameter (you ll see this frequently in the PowerShell environment commands are consistent in their use of parameters).
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PS (6) > subtract -count 5 6 1
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For the curious, the GroupBox control inherits from the Control class and does not support scrolling. windows ce read barcode 128
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Figure 13-23. Script Library entry
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In this case, the predicate compares the content of the <Colonel> elements to the string literal "Tom Parker". When it finds one that matches, the matching element is returned. In this example, it doesn t make much sense to search for the string literal "Tom Parker", unless you are just checking to see if the name exists in your <Colonel> elements. Using a different predicate, you can retrieve elements by their attributes. Note that each of the <Colonel> elements in the example has a related id attribute. You can retrieve Colonel Tom Parker from your XML data by using the id in the attribute, as shown in the following path expression:
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The Shared Services Provider page where the application definition file is uploaded
Regardless which option is used, the resulting SQL is as follows:
24.1.4 Custom layout
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