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Our two bitmaps are now ready for use. The next step is to assign these bitmaps to the buttons on our form.
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NOTE: If you have put your iPad in a case, you will most likely have to remove it before you connect the iPad to the Keyboard Dock. This has the added benefit of allowing the iPad to dissipate heat if you are charging it while it is in the dock. You can then plug your USB sync and charging cable to the back of the Keyboard dock to simultaneously connect the iPad to your computer or charge it in the wall socket. Simply pull the iPad up and out of the Keyboard Dock to disconnect it.
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and try the expression again:
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Thompson wanted to create a comfortable computing environment constructed according to his own design, using whatever means were available. His plans, it is evident in retrospect, incorporated many of the innovative aspects of Multics, including an explicit notion of a process as a locus of control, a tree-structured file system, a command interpreter as user-level program, simple representation of text files, and generalized access to devices. They excluded others, such as
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Listing 3.7 Using try/catch
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CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
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C.1 C.2 C.3 C.4 Objects 682 Marshal by reference objects 683 Components 684 Common dialogs 685 C.5 C.6 C.7 C.8 Controls (part 1) 686 Controls (part 2) 687 Event data 688 Enumerations 688
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<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/"> <Module Name="TaskCountWebPart" List="113" Url="_catalogs/wp"> <File Path="TaskCountWebPart\Silverlight_Web_Part.webpart" Url="Silverlight_Web_Part.webpart" Type="GhostableInLibrary"> <Property Name="Group" Value="Web Parts in Action"/> </File> </Module> </Elements>
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Choose All Collections or Selected Collections next to items of. If you choose Selected Collections after items of, then you can choose individual podcasts and even individual episodes in the two sections in the middle of the screen. If you have playlists of podcasts, you can select those for inclusion by checking the boxes in the bottom section of the screen. When you are done choosing individual items, then click the Apply button to save your settings and start the sync.
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Figure 14.24 The Response page of an alert enables the selection of operators to notify along with a notification method. In addition to this, we can choose to execute a SQL Server Agent job.
Listing 11.8
This line of code imports something we call the UIKit framework. It provides your application with goodies and shortcuts that make it easier to manage your user interface. This command brings in code that is organized into classes, which you can think of as preprogrammed packets of sub-routines. As a result of the presence of the UIKit, you don t have to write or rewrite a lot of fundamental technical code, but can instead take advantage of certain ready-to-go interface packages to help you design your app. These classes facilitate in the presenting of data to the user and in the responding to user input. NOTE: When naming things in code, we will represent User Interface with the initials UI. After that line, we see:
3. 4.
NOTE: You need to use the USB cable instead of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect your iPad to iTunes on your computer. When you connect your iPad to your computer the first time, your Windows computer should automatically install the necessary drivers. If you are on a Mac computer, Apple recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of the operating system before using your iPad. Then, iTunes will launch, if you have not already started it. 2. In order to see the Setup screen, you may need to click iPad under DEVICES in the left nav bar. Then you should see the new iPad setup screen, as shown in Figure 1 4.
Managed Memory Problems
The most noticeable thing that happened when you clicked the Save button is the appearance of the new project window (see Figure 2-9). Your project window is jam-packed with all sorts of buttons, controls, and text. Don t worry about all that stuff. Over time, you ll become quite comfortable with everything you see. For now, you only need to know that this project window is your first sign that Xcode is installed properly.
Mouse button and movement events
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