Figure 5-22. The Performance Rule Type dialog in Word

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That code adds a method to NSObject called operationForSelector: which returns an appropriately configured NSInvocationOperation instance. To use this in your controller code, add the following line to SlowWorkerAppDelegate.m:
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The overall solution for mismatch problems can require a significant outlay of time and effort. In our experience, the main purpose of up to 30 percent of the .NET application code written is to handle tedious SQL/ADO.NET and manual bridging of the object/relational paradigm mismatch. Despite all this effort, the end result doesn t feel right. We ve seen projects nearly sink due to the complexity and inflexibility of their database abstraction layers.
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If the custom delivery extension is registered properly, it will appear in the Delivered By drop-down as Web Service Delivery. In case you are wondering where this name comes from, it is returned by our implementation of the IExtension.LocalizedName property inside the extension s source code. As its names suggests, this property lets the developer localize the extension name based on the user s language settings. The user interface of the custom delivery extension consists of three text placeholders for the Web service description language URL, its type, and its method name. The default settings are retrieved from the RSReportServer.config configuration file but can be overwritten by the user. 13.3.3 Implementing the custom delivery extension To understand how the custom Web service extension works, it may be beneficial to break its functionality into two stages: Design time, when the extension is hosted in the Report Manager and used for setting up the subscription Runtime, when the Report Server asks the extension to deliver the report To mirror the above stages, we ve separated the extension logic into two source files:
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$indexes variable. We ll use the Foreach-Object cmdlet to process each element of the array and assign the results back to the array.
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Microsoft s Unity Application Block is a dependency injection container that has become widely popular. It s powerful but can be quite complex for beginners. Unity is supported on different platforms such as web, desktop, and Silverlight. If you re familiar with the Unity Application Block or if your company uses Unity in other applications, it might be good idea to use Unity in your SharePoint projects as well. The SharePoint Service Locator GetCurrent method returns IServiceLocator, which can be replaced with any custom service locators, such as a Unity service locator. You can download Unity at
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Viewing App Details
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CHAPTER 20: Your Calendar
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Creating Touch-Handling Stubs
Transaction Type
the various attributes that affect the functionality and behavior of report parameters. Throughout the rest of this book, the knowledge you have harvested in this chapter will be put into practice to create many interactive parameter-driven reports. In addition, you have probably started seeing the advantages of the RS service-oriented architecture in terms of deployment, such as zero client deployment requirements and interoperability with a wide range of clients. Now that you have a good grasp of working with report data, it is time to see how you can use the Report Designer to lay out reports. The next chapter demonstrates how to design various kinds of professional-looking reports with the Report Designer.
SkewTransform Skews the object by a specified angle. This sort of allows for
Output of the top command on a Mac OS X machine
Java processes launched from the command line include an array of command-line arguments, which are passed to its main(String[]) method. Objective-C programs are hosted in a C application, which is started when main(int,char**) is invoked. You can intercept and interpret the command-line arguments in main( ), or refer to them later by sending -arguments to the singleton NSProcessInfo object.
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