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Ben & Jerry s Wild Maine Blueberry rests peacefully in a small graveyard on a grassy knoll encircled by a white picket fence in Waterbury, Vermont. The epitaph on its humble tombstone reads as follows:
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Enabling a Web Part to use the Ribbon
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Table 11-1. The &, | , ^, and ~ Operators
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Figure 11.8 easily.
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Microsoft Sync Framework (MSF)
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Alert Tuning Basics
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We ve executed the query and $reader is an enumerator for the results of that query. To return the enumerator instead of the results, we use the unary comma. By doing this, we made the example work like the C# equivalent. But we re not writing C#. To make this more PowerShell-like, consider following the model that commands such as Get-Content use. These commands hide the details of opening and closing the stream so the user never has to worry about forgetting to close a handle. The command pushes objects into the pipeline instead of requiring the user to pull them out with a read call. Listing 11.6 is the revised, more PowerShell-like function.
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Tap the Accept Cookies button to adjust to accept cookies Always, Never, or From visited. We recommend keeping it as From visited. If you make it Never, some web sites will not work properly.
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CSSStyleDeclaration and CSS2Properties provide a way for you to query the declarations in a rule. Additionally, those enable you to work with two other kinds of declaration blobs that we ll explore later in the day. First, the cumulative declarations from the CSS cascade that target an element (however, note that those declarations are read-only), and second, the declarations in an element s style attribute. These declarations are represented by ElementCSSInlineStyle.style and, like the declarations in a rule, are read-write. Therefore, you can change CSS property values in a rule or style attribute, but not the cumulative ones from the cascade.
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Listing 18.2 rss.jsp
// start looking for other services on the network _browser = [[NSNetServiceBrowser alloc] init]; [_browser setDelegate:self]; [_browser searchForServicesOfType:@"_spherenet._udp." inDomain:@""];
<class name="Category" table="CATEGORY"> ... <property name="Name" column="CATEGORY_NAME"/> <many-to-one name="ParentCategory" class="Category" column="PARENT_CATEGORY_ID" cascade="none"/> <set name="ChildCategories" table="CATEGORY" cascade="save-update" inverse="true"> <key column="PARENT_CATEGORY_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Category"/> </set> ... </class>
<Style x:Key="CalcButtonStyle" TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property=" Margin" Value="10"/> <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="{DynamicResource myBrush}"/> <EventSetter Event="Click" Handler="OnButtonClicked"/> </Style>
Figure 12 1. Accepting a FaceTime call.
Queues a message that will be sent to the receiver in the current thread. The message is not queued until after delay seconds have elapsed. Queues a message that will be sent to the receiver on the main thread. If wait is YES, the call will suspend the current thread until the method has finished executing. Queues a message that will be sent to the receiver on the run loop attached to a specified thread. If wait is YES, the call will suspend the current thread until the method has finished executing. Creates and starts a new thread. When the new thread begins executing, the message and arg argument are sent to the receiver which executes in that thread. When the method returns, the thread terminates.
@interface helloWorld_004ViewController : UIViewController {
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