Task 7-18. Configuring a Destination User Account on a Site Stager Computer in Office Excel

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The CodePlex database sample site includes a number of database releases for the various editions of SQL Server, currently up to SQL Server 2008 R2. My own dedicated database server is running SQL Server 2008, and I have a local SQL Server Express 2008 database instance that came with Visual Studio 2010. The sample databases will install on either one.
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PS (2) > $s = "one","two","three"
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<Grid.Resources> ... <local:ProcessInterestSelector x:Key="ProcessTemplateSelector" NormalTemplate="{StaticResource NormalTemplate}" InterestingTemplate="{StaticResource CardViewTemplate}" Threshold="20000000" /> </Grid.Resources>
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You add a cylinder to a drawing using the AddCylinder method. The base of the cylinder lies in a plane parallel to the WCS XY plane. Set 3DSolidObject = Object.AddCylinder(CylinderCenter, Radius, Height) Table 9-3 presents the AddCylinder method s parameters, and Figure 9-3 shows an example of a cylinder in AutoCAD.
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public void Save( User user ) { try { session.SaveOrUpdate( user ); AuditLog.LogEvent( LogType.Update, user ); } catch { ... } }
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After you press the magnifying-glass icon the Query Visualizer tool will appear within the debugger (see Figure 2-25).
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Writing Dynamic Pages Using Ajax
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Most developers are probably familiar with the concept of a debugger, which lets you inspect the state of your application while it s running in order to diagnose problems. If you haven t encountered a debugger before, here s a quick rundown of some of the key concepts: A breakpoint lets you specify, either with a line number in your source code or the name of a method or function, a spot where the program should halt. When your program has halted, you can examine all CPU registers at that spot in the program s execution. If you have the source code for the program, you can also access any variables (local, instance, or otherwise) that are relevant at that spot. All CPU registers and available variables are shown in a table view in Xcode s debug layout. The call stack is the list of all the nested methods and functions that are in operation at any point in time. This appears in a table view in Xcode s debug layout. When your program is halted, the current method or function appears at the top of the call stack, the method or function that called it appears below it, and so on. You can choose a particular item or frame in the call stack in order to switch focus, at which point
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The standard classes that Microsoft provides are well documented. This documentation is available online at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp url=/ library/en-us/wmisdk/wmi/wmi_classes.asp
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Figure 2 31. JavaScript does not set the i, g, or m flag when converting a string to a RegExp object.
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inputbuf Proc [Database Id = 6 Object Id = 373576369]
Unit testing will be performed against a system under test (SUT).
Because we re using the PrintDialog, we don t need to directly interact with either of these objects, but they re exposed as properties off the PrintDialog if we need them. Later on, we ll show printing without using the PrintDialog, at which time we ll have to be a little more hands-on. By the way, notice that the PrintDialog s Show() method returns a bool c instead of a DialogResult, as dialogs used to do in days of yore You may remember that bool is a nullable bool, which can have values of either true, false, or null. Why a dialog would need to be able to return null is unclear the doc lyingly claims that the dialog will return null if the user exits in some way other than clicking true or false. It won t it always returns either true or false. Personally, we think that they
HQL is powerful, and even though you may not use the advanced features all the time, you ll need them for some difficult problems. For example, HQL supports the following:
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