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... Publisher=(existingPublisher Assign the publisher if it s not null; new Publisher { otherwise create a new Publisher ID = Guid.Empty, Name = (string)attributes.Element(ns + "Publisher") } ) ...
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tells Nina and Rangu, Let s meet again next week to talk about what software we ll need to deploy. This stuff sounds great, but we ll need to get a handle on the costs before we can go much further.
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To create the page, choose Site Actions > Create Page and enter the page name. Then you simply click Create. Figure 2.5 shows adding a new page called DemoPage1.aspx. You don t need to specify the .aspx file extension it s automatically added to the file. To be able to add or edit a page, you must have the permission level of Contributor on the list or the page itself. By default, Contributor has the Add, Edit, and Delete permissions on list items.
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Jargon File 387 JavaScript 10 Journal 383 JournalEntry 383 Justify 199
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Now, it s time to lay out the user interface. Find a Text Field (not a Text Field Cell) in the library, and drag it into the window, as shown in Figure 14-11. As you drag things around in the window, you ll see blue guidelines appear. These help you lay out your objects according to Apple user interface specifications.
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Let s build on the code of our DisplayProcesses method as we left it in listing 2.5. Here, we ve added a hard-coded filtering condition, as you can see in listing 2.6.
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Listing 6.1 Accessing COM+ web services
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=Iif(Code.IsForecasted (Fields!Date.Value, Parameters!EndDate.Value), "Bold", "Normal")
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Where to Learn More
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Figure 4 Partitions resulting from RANGE LEFT and RANGE RIGHT functions
public class AuditLogInterceptor : NHibernate.Cfg.EmptyInterceptor { private ISession session; private long userId; Collections to keep new private ISet inserts = new HashedSet(); and modified entities private ISet updates = new HashedSet(); public ISession Session { get { return this.session; } Opened session set { this.session = value; } must be provided } public long UserId { get { return this.userId; } Required for set { this.userId = value; } AuditLogRecord } public virtual bool OnSave(object entity, Collects new object id, entities object[] state, string[] propertyNames, IType[] types) { if ( entity.GetType().GetCustomAttributes(
The code is pretty straightforward. In order to get all results as one result set, a table variable B is used to store the base data and the calculated running totals. The primary key on the table variable is there primarily to create a good clustered index for the iteration, which explains why it includes more columns than the key (which is on SalesOrderID only). The only way to index a table variable is to add PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraints to it. A T-SQL cursor is then used to iterate over the rows. For each row, the variable holding the running total is incremented with the total of that order and then stored in the results table E, after resetting the running total to 0 when the customer changes D. The ORDER BY of the cursor C ensures that the data is processed in the proper order, so that the calculated running totals will be correct. On my laptop, this code takes 1.9 seconds. That s slower than the declarative version presented earlier. But if I change the code to calculate running totals per territory, the running time remains stable at 1.9 seconds. This shows that, even though the declarative solution is faster when the average number of rows in the self-join is low, the iterative solution is faster at all other times, with the added benefit of stable and predictable performance. Almost all processing time is for fetching the order rows, so the performance will grow linearly with the amount of data.
ally, the upper bound is defined by the constant RAND_MAX, which is guaranteed to be at least 32,767). Next, the % operator is used to return the remainder when the random number is divided by 6. This yields a random number ranging from 0 to 5. Finally, 1 is added to this number, converting it to a number between 1 and 6, and that number is returned.
The System.Core.dll assembly comes with .NET 3.5. We ll describe its content and the content of the other LINQ assemblies in chapter 3.
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Using database mirroring for routine maintenance
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