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Task 8-26. Configuring Visual Studio .NET-MCMS Integration barcode gif example
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session.CreateQuery("from Item i where i.Description like :desc") .SetParameter("desc", desc, NHibernate.String) .List();
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Figure 13 16. Web page files complete with help index for use in the DailyJournal application
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To get a feel for how the deprecation feature works, listing 1 shows how to read the performance counter SQLServer:Deprecated Features before and after using the DATABASEPROPERTY function (which will be replaced by the DATABASEPROPERTYEX function). Note that if you run the sample on a named instance, you have to change the counter name.
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$ ./ admin admin http://localhost:8080/roller/app
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If your list is empty, make sure you removed the namespaces from the <cve> tag.
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Named Pipes and TCP/IP Sockets on the Network Libraries page. After you have SQL Server 2000 installed, install SQL Server 2000 SP3. Install the Windows High Security Templates and the MCMS-specific template for the IIS Lockdown Tool.
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The new standard: Atom
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The Business Data List Web Part and the Tool pane with the Type property set
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We ll set the Text property on the form so that the title bar will display My First Form .
The EmployeeReport class currently has a Print method that does nothing. We ll flesh that out a little more to include the usual trifecta of print event handlers, as shown in listing 19.14.
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In this section we explore how to: Configure the Report Manager Access the Report Manager Use the Report Manager for delivery Configuring the Report Manager When you installed Reporting Services the Report Manager was set up for you. The Report Manager s default installation settings are listed in table 8.1.
The main view of the app changes based on whether there are baseball games currently being played. When you first register the app, you pick your favorite team. The favorite team on the iPad in this example is set to the Red Sox. So, if they are playing, the view automatically goes to their game first. If they are not playing, a recap of the previous game is displayed.
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