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Table 1.1 reviews the design goals Microsoft set for the LINQ project in order to give you a clear understanding of what LINQ offers. The number-one LINQ feature presented in table 1.1 is the ability to deal with several data types and sources. LINQ ships with implementations that support
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to something other than the default PUBLIC.
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4.6.2 sc_usage: showing system call usage statistics
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uint; ulong
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Creates a console application (default). Creates a Windows GUI application. Specifies the alignment used for output file sections. Signs the assembly using only the public portion of the strong name key. See the MSDN documentation for further details on strong naming. Specifies a strong name key file. Specifies a strong name key container. Limits which platforms this code can run on: x86, Itanium, x64, or anycpu. The default is anycpu. Specifies the library base address.
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Sending is harder to test from the web page without a valid device token. It will be easier to test once you set up the client application, so let s get to that next. If you try it, you should see Send message followed by at least one device token and then a success message. If you don t get success, you re likely to see something like this:
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HoldEnd Instructs the engine to hold the animated value at its final value. In the example, once the Opacity reaches 1, it will stick there as long as the animation is active (which is true as long as the trigger expression is true). Obviously, in the case of our fade, this is what we want. Stop Means that, as soon as the animation is finished, the value of the animated value will revert to its original value. In the case of our example, this would mean that the Opacity would snap back to 0. This would be pretty undesirable in our situation, but not in all scenarios.
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YesNo YesNoCancel Error
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CHAPTER 8: Table Views, Navigation, and Arrays
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Notice that this time the tests initialize the Calculator object in a [SetUp]-related method. This is a good idea, because it saves time writing the tests, makes the code smaller, and makes sure Calculator is always initialized the same way. It s also better for test maintainability, because if the constructor for Calculator changes, you only need to change the initialization in one place instead of going through each test and changing the new call. So far, so good. But what happens when the method we re testing depends on an external resource, such as the filesystem, a database, a web service, or anything else that s hard for us to control That s when we start creating test stubs, fake objects, and mock objects, which are discussed in the next few chapters.
The web pages handle the authentication before the Silverlight application is displayed. Many web applications, and even larger platforms such as SharePoint, can use this model. After the user is authenticated via the browser, the Silverlight application is displayed. If the Silverlight application then makes a network request, using the client stack, to the hosting server, the request will fail. Why Because the ASP.NET authentication cookie, which is automatically sent up with all browser stack requests, isn t set up by the client stack request. We ve looked at two different ways to instantiate the client stack. You have the option of setting the stack preferences globally in your application or handling it on a requestby-request basis. We also looked at how to manage cookies for each request. When you re working with the client stack for all but the most basic requests, this is essential. The client stack was originally designed for use in out-of-browser situations; but despite its limitations, it s found use in in-browser Silverlight applications as well. The stack definitely has advantages, but only if you understand the limitations. When you get the data, regardless of form or networking stack used, you need to process it and do something useful with it. In the next section, we ll cover working with XML and JSON data in Silverlight.
[Test] public void Analyze_TooShortFileName_ErrorLoggedToService() { MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository(); IWebService simulatedService = MockRespository.DynamicMock<IWebService>(); using(mocks.Record()) {
7. Now you should see a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 26 35; this figure shows that you have correctly set up your iTunes account. Click Done to finish.
integral part of most applications anyway. If the update or delete of a row affects related rows, this can be accomplished with cascading update or delete in the database. But how about multiple, searched updates without inspecting and fetching all the rows involved Neither LINQ to SQL nor EF has a straightforward way to deal with this. Alex James wrote an excellent four-part blog series about rolling your own searched update in EF with an underlying SQL Server using .NET extension methods getting the SQL query text and string handling to turn it into an update,3 but this method is neither compact nor straightforward. It also looks SQL Server dependent; therefore, Microsoft would need to replicate this for each provider to make it part of the Entity Framework in a future release. LINQ to SQL contains the ultimate fallback method for this case. The DataContext.ExecuteCommand method lets you execute any SQL command, including parameters. An example would look like this:
CA (certificate authority) 219, 220 221, 223 225, 227 CAB Project 274 Cache API 56, 59 60 Cache class 59 CacheDuration 180 caching 34, 56 61, 67 Call 122, 129, 134, 141 Call Limit 134 call stack 48 50 Callbacks 189 CAS 264, 269 category 207 208 Certificate Authentication 218, 229 certificate authority (CA) 219, 220 221, 223 225, 227 Certificate Export Wizard 225 Certificate Services 219 220, 223 224, 263 certificates authorities 219 220 copying and moving 221 configuration of resources for 227 encryption 219 installation of web servers and 225 227 issuance of 220, 224 225 methods 221 requests 220 224, 225 revocation lists 224 security feature of IIS 89 security settings 221 Certification Path tabs 225 CGI 73 CICS 125 Clerks 245, 255, 257 clients applications 97, 103, 115 defined 219 220 placing validation logic on 47 platforms 12 -server applications 95 Client Network Protocol Configuration 124
By default, a criteria query returns only the root entity in this case, the Items in the query result. Let s summarize with a full example:
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