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This returns the following result:
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-notcontains The collection on the left side does not -cnotcontains contain the value on the right side. -inotcontains
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Figure 5.16 Use the Cluster Management tool to view and manage a clustered SQL Server instance s resources and state.
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This operator returns a List(Of T) type composed of the elements of the source sequence.
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CHAPTER 7: Playing Music
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Replacing text is a good common operation, but what about inserting new text without overwriting something else For that, you ll want to use the Selection.Insert method.
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Boundary Conditions
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Gets the broadcast address of a specific interface
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Listing 1-45 starts comparing two sequences, sequence1 and sequence2. It compares the first element (1) of the first sequence with the first element (1) of the second sequence. Since they are equal, the method moves on to the other elements. The two sequences are equal, so the final output will be Yes, they are. The next check uses two sequences that are different because the first element of the first sequence (1) is not equal to the first element of the third sequence (5). A False value is returned immediately and the output of the code is No, they aren t.
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The Calculator class works a lot like the pocket calculator you know and love. You can click a number, then click Add, then click another number, then click Add again, and so on. When you re done, you can click Equals and you ll get the total so far.
Using implicit joins
self.endRadius = kCCParticleStartRadiusEqualToEndRadius;
mount volume
Located on the upper left-hand side of the iPhone (Figure 1 17), these are simple Volume Up/Volume Down keys that you will find very handy.
% cd /usr/local/blogapps-server/bin % ./
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