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client cmdopts failonerror name port property user The p4 client spec to use; optional, defaults to the current user. [String] Set extra command options; only used on some of the Perforce tasks. [String] Sets whether to stop the build (true, default) or keep going if an error is returned from the p4 command. [Boolean] The name of the counter; required. [String] The p4d server and port to connect to; optional, default perforce:1666. [String] A property to be set with the value of the counter. [String] The p4 username; optional, defaults to the current user. [String]
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If we combine all the knowledge you ve learned so far in chapters 6 to 8, we should be able to get close to a solution that looks like the PDF in figure 8.8.
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A document unit (this is not the Document class of Lucene) is the initial piece of information that we wish to enter into an index. It could be the text of a book, a summary of a book, a paragraph, or even a sentence in short, any information that is index capable and searchable for our purposes. Our first step is to assemble these document units; after assembling them, we ll place each unit into a field or property.
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select b.BID_ID, b.AMOUNT, b.ITEM_ID, b.CREATED_ON i.DESCRIPTION, i.INITIAL_PRICE, ... u.USERNAME, u.FIRSTNAME, u.LASTNAME, ... from BID b left outer join ITEM i on i.ITEM_ID = b.ITEM_ID left outer join USER u on u.USER_ID = b.BIDDER_ID where b.AMOUNT > 100
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<id name="id" column="uid" type="long" unsavedvalue="null"> <generator class="native"/> </id> <property name="name" type="string" length="100"/> <property name="startDate" column="start_date" type="date"/> <property name="duration" type="integer"/> <many-to-one name="location" column="location_id" class="Location"/> <set name="speakers"> <key column="event_id"/> <one-to-many class="Speaker"/> </set> <set name="attendees"> <key column="event_id"/> <one-to-many class="Attendee"/> </set> </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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All elements on the @WebService annotation besides wsdlLocation and endpointInterface are used to customize the WSDL generation. wsdlLocation is useful when you are following a meet-in-the-middle approach and you want to use a pre-existing WSDL. It defines the URL for the WSDL; for example:
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Listing 13.1 You can add views to an IB-created view controller inside viewDidLoad
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string original = "Original text."; string replaced = original.Replace("Original", "Replaced"); Console.WriteLine(original); Console.WriteLine(replaced);
Exposing EJBs as web services
The missing items report will use this WHERE clause:
Add handler to list
Contact sheets with Image::Magick::Montage
Your bean class doesn t have to implement the javax.ejb.SessionBean interface. Just make the bean a POJO and have it implement the business interface. You don t have to implement unnecessary lifecycle methods. Furthermore, can use any method name you want for your lifecycle methods, and you can use annotations to mark which methods are lifecycle methods. Table 14.2 provides a list of EJB 2 methods with bean types and corresponding annotations that you can use in EJB 3.
Table 19.2 A variety of simple drawing functions that allow for vector-based graphics Function Arguments Summary Creates a new path. Creates an arc, with the angles defined in radians. A line will be drawn to the start point if there are previous entries in the path, and from the end point if there are additional entries. The more complex functions CGContextAddArcToPoint, CGContextAddCurveToPoint, and CGContextAddQuadCurveToPoint allow for the creation of tangential arcs, Bezier curves, and quadratic Bezier curves. Creates an ellipse that fits inside the rectangle.
We won t have to perform any special route configuration for the next two options. In fact, we can deploy the same MVC application to both IIS 7 and IIS 6 and previous versions with the wildcard mapping option. We no longer need an extension in our route configuration, and the URLs used for development will be identical to the URLs used for production on IIS 6. With wildcard mapping, all requests are routed to a single ISAPI filter. We ll configure the aspnet_isapi.dll filter to be this single filter. To create the wildcard mapping, follow these steps:
The receive method must be implemented in the exact opposite manner. After unpacking the data, receive must determine what to do based on the packet ID that was sent. You ll see this handled in listing 15.8 as a switch statement.
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