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It may occur to you that automated persistence is something you ll find useful for all kinds of applications, not just server-side applications such as those built with EJB. After all, JDBC, the grandfather of JPA, is used in everything from large-scale real-time systems to desktop-based hacked-up prototypes. This is exactly why JPA is completely separate from the rest of EJB 3 and usable in plain Java SE environments. Entities are the session bean and MDB equivalent in the JPA world. Let s take a quick glance at them next, as well as the EntityManager API and the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL). Entities If you re using JPA to build persistence logic of your applications, then you have to use entities. Entities are the Java objects that are persisted into the database. Just as session beans model processes, entities model lower-level application concepts that high-level business processes manipulate. While session beans are the verbs of a system, entities are the nouns. Examples include an Employee entity, a User entity, an Item entity, and so on. Here s another perfectly valid (and often simplerto-understand) way of looking at entities: they are the OO representations of the application data stored in the database. In this sense, entities survive container crashes and shutdown. You must be wondering how the persistence provider knows where the entity will be stored. The real magic lies in the ORM metadata; an entity contains the data that specifies how it is mapped to the database. You ll see an example of this in the next chapter. JPA entities support a full range of relational and OO capabilities, including relationships between entities, inheritance, and polymorphism. The EntityManager The JPA EntityManager interface manages entities in terms of actually providing persistence services. While entities tell a JPA provider how they map to the database, they do not persist themselves. The EntityManager interface reads the ORM metadata for an entity and performs persistence operations. The EntityManager knows how to add entities to the database, update stored entities, and delete and retrieve entities from the database. In addition, the JPA provides the ability to handle lifecycle management, performance tuning, caching, and transaction management.
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Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) Disable Script Debugging (Other)
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options, because it opens up new scenarios in URL canonicalization and seamless resource management. In this chapter, you ve learned how to deploy ASP.NET MVC applications on a number of different IIS configurations. Next up in chapter 7, you ll learn how to leverage the many existing ASP.NET runtime features in your applications so that you can get up to speed quickly.
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Data: actions, preferences, files, SQLite, and addresses
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Listing 4.9 Using @IndexedEmbedded objects in the same Lucene document Mark properties for indexing
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The bytecode is modified to its current directory. If you ve configured your classes to have lazy properties but the classes haven t had instrumentation added, Hibernate transparently disables the feature for that class.
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StrategyB +Algorithm( )
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appendix A: iPhone OS class reference
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CGContextSetFlatness CGContextSetLineCap CGContextSetLineDash
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This test is actually very simple. It: 1. 2. 3. 4. Obtains the initialized FTP client from the test setup Changes the working directory Manually invokes the pre-passivation callback Copies the instance via serialization (as the container may do during passivation and activation) 5. Manually invokes the post-activation callback 6. Ensures that the FTP client is connected and in the same working directory as before the passivation process Testing passivation and activation manually is a wise habit, as it s difficult to get this fine-grained control in integration tests to true EJBs run within the context of the
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This is similar to the touch code that you wrote in chapter 14, and it isn t worthy of a lot of additional commentary. Recall that locationInView: B gives a CGPoint internal to the view s coordinate system and needs to be converted C into the global coordinate system of the application. In testing, we discovered that when run on an iPhone (but not in the iPhone Simulator) the result could sometimes be out of bounds, so you need to double-check your coordinates before you move the temporary image view.
A transaction is associated with the UserTransaction object, and the outcome of the transaction has been identified as a rollback. It is likely that heuristic decisions have been made; otherwise, the transaction would have been destroyed and the STATUS_NO_TRANSACTION constant would have been returned.
package com.ctimn; import import import import import import import import java.io.*; javax.microedition.io.*; javax.microedition.midlet.*; javax.microedition.lcdui.*; nanoxml.*; nanoxml.sax.*; org.xml.sax.*; org.xml.sax.helpers.*;
B.3 Methods and functions
Listing 18.10 Recording transactions and delivering content
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