19: Windows Presentation Foundation in visual C#.net

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Hibernate lets you select default association fetching strategies by specifying attributes in the mapping metadata. You can override the default strategy using features of Hibernate s query methods, as you ll see in chapter 7. A minor caveat: You don t have to understand every option presented in this section immediately; we recommend that you get an overview first and use this section as a reference when you re optimizing the default fetching strategies in your application. A wrinkle in Hibernate s mapping format means that collection mappings function slightly differently than single-point associations; so, we ll cover the two cases separately. Let s first consider both ends of the bidirectional association between Bid and Item. Single point associations For a <many-to-one> or <one-to-one> association, lazy fetching is possible only if the associated class mapping enables proxying. For the Item class, we enable proxying by specifying lazy="true":
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First-level Cache
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The structure is fairly simple: we have two VBox containers (they stack their contents in a vertical alignment, recall), each populated with three calls to createRow(). The top VBox is aligned centrally using the utility functions we developed earlier and 20 pixels from the top of the window s inner bounds. The second VBox has its X layout bound to its sibling and its Y layout set to 10 pixels below the bottom of its sibling. The second VBox has an effect attached to it, javafx.scene.effect.DropShadow. We touched on effects briefly when we used a reflection in our video player project. Effects manipulate the look of a node, anything from a blur or a color tint to a reflection or even
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<hibernate-configuration> <session-factory> ... <event type="post-update"> <listener class="org.hibernate.search.event.FullTextIndexEventListener"/> </event>
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/** * Resets the POJO instance to null after all tests are run */ @AfterClass public static void clearPojo()
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Table 7.2 Key Possible keys for a bookmark entry (continued) Value Description
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key generators (continued) sequence 167 uuid.hex 167 L language switcher 799 large values 216 last commit wins 459 last() 677 layered application implementing Hibernate 698 layered architecture 20 lazy fetching 564 lazy initialization 701 lazy loading 564, 701 lazy one-to-one 566 lazy property loading 571 lazy= 567, 572, 591, 649 LazyInitializationException 569, 702, 803, 811 triggering 812 LEFT keyword 649 left outer join 643, 649 legacy databases, integrating 323 legacy schema 323 LENGTH() 669 libraries 42 lifecycle dependencies 161 link table 17, 298 LinkedHashMap 250 251 LinkedHashSet 250 251 linking maps 143 List, bidirectional one-tomany 292 list() 626, 671 listeners custom 554 registering 554 listing 626 literal join condition mapping 337 load lesting 744 load() 404, 554, 568 LoadEvent 554 LoadRunner 745 localeSelector 799, 803 locator objects (LOBs) 571 lock modes in Hibernate 467 lock table 466
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RetrieveQuoteSpotlet application control 224 handling key entry events 250 252 handling pen movement 255 261 handling pen taps 252 255 retrieving data 273 275 user interface 244 RMI Profile 33, 441 RMS 135 137, 167, 262, 270 ROM Transfer 205 206 ROM Transfer.prc 204 Runtime 236 S SavePrice 42, 149, 154, 269 SAX See Simple API for XML schema 307, 347 scheme 368 Screen 78 and Command 109 setTicker 85 86 screen size MIDP 76 scrolling 95, 106 ScrollOwner 238 ScrollTextBox 232, 241, 255 SDK 196, 430, 440, 458 459, 465 security 415, 417 J2ME 322 SelectScrollTextBox 232 service 335 servlets 334 setCommandListener 110 setCurrent 97 setScrollValue 238 setString 97 set-top boxes 5, 8, 430 SGML 307 short message service (SMS) 34 Simple API for XML (SAX) 307, 350 Slider 232 small devices 5 Small footprint databases 318 Small footprint parsers 351 smart cards 5 6, 438 smart phones 442 SMS 34 socket 168 socket listener 384 Socket Security Layer 322 SocketFactory 277 socketMessage() 383 soft button 75, 97, 108 109, 117
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Creating an interface to your entity data
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This example is shown in more detail in listing 19.6. 19.3.2 Supporting nested elements Throughout this book, you have seen the use of many of Ant s tasks that use nested elements to provide rich and hierarchically structured data to the enclosing task. For example, a typical <javac> looks like this with a nested <classpath> element:
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Figure 7.4 A TypeConverter can be used to convert a complex type into a string representation and made available to the standard PropertyGridEditorPart.
Early JavaFX Script compilers supported full-blown multiple inheritance; however, JavaFX 1.2 heralded a shift toward mixins and introduced the mixin keyword to the language. The intent was to remove some of the edge-case complications and performance costs caused by multiple inheritance, while keeping much of its benefit.
The division rounds the result, so 12745638 would produce 13 with the same formatting. You can also add your own arbitrary text to be included as is in the format string, as Example 10-27 shows.
Appendix C: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
Gets stream that represents results returned from GET
As you can see, you have the flexibility to manually control flushing by calling the flush method, setting FlushMode on a persistence context basis (discussed in chapter 9), or setting FlushMode on a per-query basis (discussed in chapter 10). The EJB 3 Expert Group wants you to have your FlushMode your way ! Using the lowest-cost lock in the database Although the EJB 3 JPA doesn t require persistence providers to support pessimistic locking, your persistence provider may support this lock mode as an extension.
In this class, the PartitionKey for the SizeType entity isn t relevant due to the size of the table, so you could make all entities in the table have the same partition key. You could use the SizeCode property to represent the RowKey. Because the Table service isn t a relational database and you don t need clustered indexes here, you have no need for the SizeTypeId surrogate key that s present in the SQL Azure implementation.
interface java.sql.CallableStatement
You must select Android Tools for Eclipse to download and install.
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