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select user.lastname, count(user) from User user group by user.lastname
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Again, if you are able to use J2SE 5, this is not completely true. Methods such as queryForObject() still return an instance of Object. You cannot cast Object directly to a primitive (such as int or long), but you can cast it to the boxed type (Integer or Long), then let the compiler unbox that into the primitive type. In this case, however, there is a caveat: if the returned Object is null, the value of the boxed type will also be null. When that situation arises, the application will throw a NullPointerException because the unboxed type cannot be null.
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Browsers can leak memory if event handlers aren t correctly detached from DOM elements. For this reason, it s important to always detach all the event handlers and dispose all the delegates when a client object is cleaned up or the whole page is unloaded.
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private Long itemId; public Long getItemId() { return itemId; } public void setItemId(Long itemId) { this.itemId = itemId; } private Item item; public Item getItem() { return item; } @Begin public String doSearch() { item = em.find(Item.class, itemId); if (item == null) FacesMessages.instance().add( "itemSearchField", new FacesMessage("No item found.") ); return item != null "found" : null; }
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You usually access Interface Builder by double-clicking an .xib file in your project. Your default .xib file is generally called MainWindow.xib. Clicking it brings up the file in Interface Builder, showing how default objects have been designed.
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This will produce the output: This "string" has quotes around it.
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Because of the way the operations are arranged, the last operation should throw an InsufficientBalanceException. We will ensure that our solutions satisfy the requirement of throwing this exception (as opposed to some other type of exception or no exception at all) when the business logic detects insufficient funds in the debiting account. Next, let s implement a basic logging aspect (listing 10.6) to help us understand the activities taking place.
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Note that the font string in the example is an X font string. ImageMagick supports the use of X fonts, TrueType fonts (with the help of the freetype library) and PostScript fonts (with the help of Ghostscript). Also see the description on page 278 in appendix A. Note that on plastforms where you don t have an X server available, you might need to use a font name such as Arial-Bold and an explicit point size of 36.
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The ASP.NET web role project created in Visual Studio is a normal ASP.NET web application with three extra assembly references. If you need to migrate your existing application (or use it in another project), you can always add those extra assemblies via the Add Reference dialog box. You can find these assemblies in the c:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.1\ref\ directory. Now that you know how to reference the ServiceRuntime assembly, let s take a look at some of the API calls and how you can use them.
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Technical links
Before we apply SOAP as a solution to our problem, we must understand what SOAP actually is. SOAP is a lightweight mechanism for exchanging messages in a distributed environment. The SOAP specification is currently at version 1.1, although version 1.2 is already a working draft. Detailed information about SOAP can be found at http://www.w3.org/2000/xp/. The SOAP specification addresses four main areas, as shown in table 4.1.
According to popular legend, Brigadoon is a Scottish village which appears for only one day every 100 years.
try{ conn = getConnection(); cstmt = conn.prepareCall ("{ call getEquityPrice ( , )}"); cstmt.setString(1, symbol); cstmt.registerOutParameter(2, Types.DOUBLE); cstmt.execute(); price = cstmt.getDouble(2);
Java2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit Sun Microsystems Jbed IDE JBuilder and JBuilder MobileSet VisualAge Micro Edition WHITEboard SDK esmertec Borland IBM Zucotto Wireless
Listing 8.12 Inheritance mapping using a single table
-g ajc option 440 get pointcut 74 example of 186 getArgs() 104 example of 107, 168 field-get join point 104 field-set join point 104 handler execution join point 104 primitive argument 104 getCause() 269 getConnection() 212 getDeclaringType() example of 376 getKind() 105 example of 108 getResource() 205 getSignature() 105 example of 108, 199, 291, 328, 332 logging, example of 363, 408 use in logging 158, 168 getSourceLocation() 105 example of 108, 199 getStaticPart() 102, 104 105
We will be using two files for these build recipes. The first is a properties file that contains some environment variables used by Ant to successfully build our EJBs. For this recipe, the properties file (listing 9.1) defines variables describing the source directory and build directory, among other things.
public class SaxExampleBridge extends DefaultHandler implements FieldBridge {
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