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There is a main Ask to Join Networks switch, which is set to On by default. Known networks are joined automatically, this only takes effect if no known networks are available. With this switch set to On, you will be asked to join visible Wi-Fi networks. If networks are available that are not known to you, you will be asked before being connected.
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In SharePoint 2010, the default page becomes a wiki page, which has several benefits (compared with previous versions, where the default page type was a Web Part page).
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Starting a Run Loop
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Targets are such an important part of using commands that I want to spend a bit more time talking about them in particular, how to make sure your commands go to the right ones!
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The purpose of the out-of-the-box web parts
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Literal that represents an uninitialized state, often referred to as a null reference. This is the default value for all reference types. The base class of all types in C#. Any value of any type can be assigned to variables of type object. Declares the behavior of an operator when used with a specific type, such as a class or structure. Three kinds of operators are supported: unary operators, binary operators, and conversion operators.
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all methods and properties required to manage a thread. This provides a single point for finding all Thread-related methods. A fundamental object-oriented concept is that an object should contain the methods that are related to it. That s what the Thread class does. It contains those methods required to interact with a logical thread. By having an object that represents a logical thread, it becomes very easy to write multithreaded applications. 3.3.2 Asynchronous execution of delegates There are several ways of executing methods on a different thread. One way is to use asynchronous execution of a delegate. This has the benefits of the method executing on a different thread while requiring one of the lower levels of effort. In the next chapter we discuss the more flexible way of utilizing multiple threads. Listing 3.2 contains an updated version of the Cat object we discussed in chapter 1.
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Figure 2-8. The INSERT statement generated by LINQ to SQL
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We get an error message mentioning where the function was used and why it failed. Let s define another function that doesn t have the type constraints.
Writing Statements on Multiple Lines
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Listing 7.10 Nina s date-smart RSS 0.91 converter
Using LINQ with in-memory collections
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