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Understanding Date and Time Formats
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This fragment of script will return the contents of the file mydata.txt from the current directory. This is what the script author intended. But because the script is not doing any path checking, the user could have specified a path like
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Use video conferencing.
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Create new data
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Figure 14.1 shows a Form with a ListView control displayed in the Details view mode. This figure illustrates various features and classes used by this control. We will look at these in detail as we progress through the chapter.
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The Report Server doesn t set any specific HTTP response codes when reporting errors. Instead, the error string is shown in the browser. Therefore, you cannot programmatically react to error conditions when requesting reports via URL. 9.2.4 Working with report commands The Report Server recognizes several commands that you can specify by using the rs argument, such as commands for exporting reports and requesting report history snapshots. For a full list of all supported commands refer to the product documentation. Rendering commands For better performance, you can explicitly tell the Report Server that you mean to render a report by using the rs:Command=Render argument, for example:
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Listing 13.7 Handler for LinqDataSource.Selecting to provide the query used by the DataSource
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Together, these examples show how to convert between the two coordinate systems. The logical coordinate system is necessary because it s used for two important tasks. The first task is zooming in and out of an image which you just saw. The other major task is selecting what part of a multiscale image to zoom in on. You ll learn how to do this in a moment. Regardless of your task, both require some knowledge of how to manage the viewport.
ListChildren gets a list of children of a specified folder. As you can see, in this case ListChildren passes the name of the folder to the Item argument and false to the Recursive argument to indicate that it needs a shallow traversal, where the
A file s properties, or metadata, are information about a file. Java s java.io.File object is the principal interface for obtaining the properties of a file. It implements a variety of specific methods (i.e., boolean isFile(), long lastModified(), long length()) that describe the various properties of the file. Objective-C has a single -[NSFileManager fileAttributesAtPath:traverseLink:] method that accepts a file path and returns an immutable dictionary containing all salient properties of the file. The traverseLink: argument determines what to do if the path specifies a symbolic link file. If YES, the attributes returned will be for the file the symbolic link refers to; if NO, the attributes describe the symbolic link file. To examine a particular property, retrieve its value from the dictionary collection. An example using the attributes of a file was already demonstrated listing 11-6. The keys are string constants to values that are NSNumber, NSDate, or NSString objects. Table 11-8 lists the property methods in java.io.File and their Objective-C equivalent. Some are methods, while others are keys into the attribute dictionary.
The Blue Dot = Your Location
Normally, you don t create autorelease pools yourself. (A later section in this chapter explains why, and how, you would.) For the most part, always assume that there s an active autorelease pool and the -autorelease message will add the receiver to the current pool. Despite their vague assurances of eventually releasing objects, autorelease pools have a very definite lifespan. Most autorelease pools are created by the working run loop at the beginning of each event dispatch. The pool is drained after the code that handled the event has returned. This mechanism defines an important rule about the lifespan of autorelease pools: The current autorelease pool will never be drained before your method or function returns. The importance of this rule probably isn t immediately obvious, but it will be as you work through the next few sections.
else { Console.WriteLine("Timed Out" ); } } }
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