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If these steps don t work, you will need to reset your iPad.
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In this query, we use only the subject as the key for the grouping for the sake of simplicity, but you could use an anonymous type as in the previous query if you wish.
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Iterative code for calculating running totals
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To get a clear idea of what drives costs in each deployment model, let s study a specific example. Let s run a cost analysis of deployment for each of the models we described in the last section and get a quantitative picture of what makes up the total bill. By looking in detail at where the dollars and cents go, you ll be in a position to understand the kinds of applications for which a cloud model makes the most sense. For our hypothetical example, let s look at a small-scale e-commerce application. For this discussion, let s assume it has been designed as a three-tier system, with a frontend web server, a middle-tier application server, and a back-end database. Because it s a small-scale system, let s assume that one server of each flavor will suffice for handling the web traffic you anticipate receiving; but for reliability reasons, because you wish to minimize downtime, you ll deploy a redundant pair of each infrastructure component (physical or virtual; see figure 3.1). In the non-cloud deployment models, you ll deal with physical infrastructure that you either purchase (in the cases of an internal IT or colocation model) or rent (in the case of the managed-service model). The main hardware components of the system and their approximate purchase costs are as follows:
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The CGRect parameter of the button s initWithRect method isn t used by SneakyButton, which is why I m simply passing CGRectZero. The actual touch code uses the radius property to determine if the button should react to the touch. The button in this case should be neatly tucked into the lower-right corner. Subtracting the buttonRadius from the screen width and setting its height to buttonRadius places it exactly at the desired location.
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The object holding the setting for the required text style
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** When installing MOM Reporting using either the wizard or the command line, I have found it to be more reliable to not set the installation procedure to automatically detect virtual directories. The reason for this is that when I install SQL Server Reporting Services in an advanced configuration (which will be explained later in the chapter), I find this feature to be unreliable. It is therefore a good idea to set these manually to ReportServer (the default location for the report manager web page) and Reports (the default location for the web page hosting the reports). read bar code 39
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The iPhone 4 also allows online and wireless, peer-to-peer gaming (if the game supports it). Many new games are incorporating this technology. In Scrabble, for example, you can play against multiple players on their own devices. You can even use the iPhone 4 as your game board and up to four individual iPhones as wireless racks to hold the letters of all the players. Just flick the letters off the rack, and they go onto the board very cool! In this example, I selected Online from the Real Racing menu. I now have the option to either play against another opponent through Wi-Fi or to join an online league race.
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Both of these notations describe a pointer to an int, and both can be used to access the elements of an array. You ll learn more about the close relationship between pointers and arrays as you make your way through the rest of this book. For now, remember this convention: If you are declaring a parameter that will point to an array, use the square bracket form. Otherwise, use the normal pointer form.
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CHAPTER 25: Troubleshooting
The name of the method is setFillColor:. The trailing colon is part of the name. It s a clue to compilers and humans that a parameter is coming next.
Listing 2-1. The Person Class Mapped to the Person Table in the People Database
Using SharePoint Designer with the Business Data List Web Part
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