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Thus far we ve primarily focused on producing XML that contains elements. When creating XML in real-world scenarios, the XML that we produce may include attributes, processing instructions, XML DTDs, comments, and more. To include any of these in our XML is simply a matter of passing them in at the appropriate place within the functional construction statement. For example, to add an attribute to our book element, we can create a new XAttribute and pass it as one of the content parameters of our XElement, as in listing 9.17.
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The type of a file is determined by examining its NSFileType attribute. The attribute value will be one of NSFileTypeDirectory, NSFileTypeRegular, NSFileTypeSymbolicLink, NSFileTypeSocket, NSFileTypeCharacterSpecial, NSFileTypeBlockSpecial, or NSFileTypeUnknown. Detailed information about an item s display name, whether the file s extension should be hidden from the user, or if the entire file should be hidden, is available through various Launch Services functions. See the NSFileManager documentation for a complete list of file attribute keys. Most file attributes can be modified using the -[NSFileManager setAttributes:ofItemAtPath: error:] method. You provide a dictionary containing the attributes you want modified and a file path. Some attributes, such as NSFileType and NSFileSize, cannot be modified using -setAttributes: . The security policy may conditionally inhibit modification of other attributes, such as NSFileOwnerAccountID.
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To import photos using these adapters, follow these steps: 1. Plug either the USB or the SD Card accessory into the dock port at the bottom of your iPad. a. b. 2. 3. 4. 5. If you are using the USB connector, plug the USB cable from your camera into the connector. If you are using the SD card connector, remove the SD memory card from your camera and insert it into the connector.
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If the contrast and colors are difficult to see, then you might want to turn on the Whte on Black setting. To change this setting: 1. 2. Get into the Accessibility screen in the Settings app as shown above. Set the White on Black switch to On.
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Figure 15 4. Configuring your slide show
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his chapter will walk you, step by step, through the process of downloading and playing audio on the iPhone using Pandora Radio, the top application for the iPhone in 2008. By the end of this chapter, you will have learned about Apple s audio API infrastructure (known as Core Audio), how to turn bytes sent over HTTP into playable audio, and the challenges unique to delivering audio content in a mobile environment.
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Loads only Title property
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PS (2) > for ($i=0; $($y = $i*2; $i -lt 5); $i++) { $y } 0 2 4 6 8 PS (3) >
Figure 15-3. The inheritance hierarchy for the Finder s file system related classes
- (id) copyWithZone: (NSZone *) zone { Engine *engineCopy; engineCopy = [[[self class] allocWithZone: zone]
Because C# is an object-oriented language,2 the class is the major organizational unit; rather than having code or variables live in a global area, they re always associated with a specific class. This results in code that s structured and organized quite differently than VB code, but still some common elements exist. You can still use properties, but they have a different syntax and no default properties.
Here, session is an object provided by NHibernate. Don t worry about understanding the code yet. For now, we want you to see how simple the persistence layer is with
Binding to business objects
A parent/child relationship
CHAPTER 7: Going the Routesy Way with Core Location, XML, and SQLite
foreach (Subject subject in dataContext.GetTable<Subject>()) { Console.WriteLine(subject.Name); foreach (Book book in subject.Books) { Console.WriteLine(" {0}", book.Title); } }
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