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Consumer Connections IBIDataProvider PerformancePoint Report Displays PerformancePoint reports Assembly
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An alternative approach, possibly cruder but more reliable in the field, is to look up the format as you ve been doing and then compare that with the hint you provided. The AudioStreamBasicDescription you look up in Listing 3-17 is a C struct, and one of its fields is called mFormatID. That tells you what format Core Audio thinks the stream is. By comparing that to your hint, you can work out whether Core Audio has at least found the correct encoding. If it did, great, and if it didn t, close the network connection and start over. Core Audio gets the encoding right most of the time, so although restarting like this is not elegant, it s effective.
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Figure 6.13 Use the Data Output report settings to define the report XML root element name and namespace.
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Once again, let s modify the namespace to be Manning.MyPhotoAlbum.
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20.7.4 Getting the raw video data
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You just need to add this line to your SceneOne thrusters, and they will all get a constant negative y acceleration, which may or may not look like gravity. In Figure 1-11, I turned off the other two emitters so that I could easily see the effect of the force on the top emitter.
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The addition (+) and subtraction (-) operators each take two values and reduce them to a single value. An operator that operates on two values is said to be a binary operator. An operator that operates on one value is said to be a unary operator. A value operated on by an operator is said to be an operand. For example, this statement
The LaunchBrowserDialog Method
Find the interface that the method under test works against. (In this case, interface isn t used in the pure object-oriented sense; it refers to the defined method or class being collaborated with.) In our LogAn project, this is the filesystem configuration file.
You first get a new ISession using your utility class B. You then start a database transaction. The session and transaction will be closed automatically due to the using() statement. If you don t commit the transaction, or if this commit fails for some reason, the transaction will be automatically rolled back. You load the Item from the database using its identifier value C and also ask for a pessimistic lock so the database won t allow another transaction to modify the record while you re working on it. This prevents two simultaneous bids for the same item. If the end date of the auction is earlier than the current date D, you throw an exception so that the persistence layer displays an error message. Usually, you ll want more sophisticated error handling for this exception, with a qualified error message. Using an HQL query E, you check whether the database contains a higher bid for the current item. If a higher bid exists, you display an error message. Otherwise, if all checks are successful, you place the new bid by adding it to the item F. Note that you don t have to save it manually by calling Save(); it s saved using NHibernate s transitive persistence (cascading from the Item to Bid). Committing the database transaction G flushes the current state of the ISession to the database. A try-catch block H is responsible for exceptions thrown when rolling back the transaction or closing the session; it s wrapped to abstract NHibernate details. As we mentioned, this implementation of the PlaceBidForItem() method isn t necessarily a good one; it does too much of the hard work itself and takes on the responsibilities of implementing domain logic, enforcing business rules, and carrying out persistence functionality. Essentially, it does the work of a persistence layer, business layer, and domain model combined. Let s now see if you can improve things by pushing some of that hard work into the domain model.
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