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Publishing with Atom
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5.7.3 Testing whether an event was triggered
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An example of one implementation of the CocoaWGet interface
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Next, we re going to install both assembly versions side-by-side. 2.6.3 Installing shared assemblies into the global assembly cache We explicitly share the two assemblies by installing them into the global assembly cache. We use the gacutil.exe utility to do this, as shown in figure 2.9.
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To accomplish the same thing with LINQ, we need to observe that we re looking for books where the subject exists or is null. The DefaultIfEmpty() extension method comes to our rescue, as shown in listing 6.18.
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Listing 7.11 Exception handling reduces the time to track down a problem (C#).
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XAML basics XAML:
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For each of the built-in mapping types, a constant is defined by the class NHibernate. NHibernateUtil. For example, NHibernate.String represents the String mapping type. These constants are useful for query-parameter binding, as discussed in more detail in chapter 8:
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UPDATE THE TOGGLE BUTTON WHEN THE PIXEL DATA MENU IS SELECTED Action 4 Locate the menuPixelData_Click event handler in the MainForm.cs code window. Update this method to adjust the toggle button settings. Result
NOTE: Sometimes you may actually be connected to a Bluetooth device and not know it. If you are connected to a Bluetooth Stereo device, no sound will come out of the actual iPhone. Make sure the song or video is not in Pause mode. Open the iPhone music or video controls. Double-clicking the Home button should open the App Switcher. Swipe from left to right to see your iPod controls. Verify the song is not paused or the volume is not turned down all the way, as shown here.
I m assuming that, hours later, you ve made the perfect particle effect and now you d like to use that in cocos2d. I made mine and the first step is to save the particle effect. When you click on the Save or Save As button in Particle Designer, you ll be presented with a dialog as shown in Figure 9 7.
Introduction to Objective-C
Figure 8.7 You could organize your folder namespace to reflect your company s organizational structure. Here, the folder namespace is organized hierarchically by department and then by application. The Shared folder is for shared resources.
CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
To understand how each of these DMVs operates, let s use our example query from earlier:
CHAPTER 8: How iTap Tackles the Challenges of Networking
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