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Table 1.3
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CHAPTER 12: Categories
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private void CallService_Click( object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { var client = new HelloWorldServiceClient(); client.HelloWorldCompleted += new EventHandler<HelloWorldCompletedEventArgs> (client_HelloWorldCompleted); client.HelloWorldAsync(); } void client_HelloWorldCompleted( object sender, HelloWorldCompletedEventArgs e) { Results.Text = e.Result; }
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Figure 13-27. Editing the label text
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Forms-Based Authentication
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1. Launch Site Manager and log on as channel manager. 2. Select the Channel icon to display the channel hierarchy. 3. Right-click your new channel and select Properties. 4. On the Rights tab, select Modify. 5. Next to Look in, select the user role from the drop-down list in the Select User Rights for Your New Channel dialog box. 6. Select the desired rights group and choose Add. Alternatively, select Add Parent s Rights to assign the same rights groups as parent. 7. Select OK to save changes. 8. Exit Site Manager.
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Table 5.1
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= { _ Action", "Manning", 2005), _ Forms in Action", "Manning", 2006), _ Atom in Action", "Manning", 2006) _
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Introducing LINQ
The stoplist will act as a holder for a specific set of words that we want to ignore. We refer to that group of words by the name we gave it, ArcanesStoplist. Now we need to add some words to the list. Here are two ways to do so; both use the ALTER FULLTEXT STOPLIST statement:
Whenever an association is created between a parent Category and a child Category, two actions are required:
14.3.2 Pluses and minuses of direct rendering Using direct rendering is definitely faster than using Shapes because we ve eliminated tons of overhead. Also, in many ways the code seems quite a bit simpler particularly if, like us, you re comfortable with Win SDK drawing. But, there are some drawbacks. First, do you remember how easy it was to implement the Click handler for Shapes Now that we don t have any objects, we don t have any way to handle that we re clicking one big picture. This is the same problem we would ve had with Win SDK drawing. We have some nice rectangular areas, so we could certainly do the math to figure out where the user clicked, but what if we had a pie chart the math would be somewhat harder or some arbitrarily complex shape using B zier curves The math would get really ugly really fast. A second drawback is more subtle. We re used to wanting to get a drawing up on the screen, but a drawing can be used in other ways in WPF. Aside from drawing on the screen, we might want to draw to an image that we can save, or we might want to print. Also, with WPF, we can use drawings as brushes; we might make a design that we want to use, say, as a tiled background or texture. But, if we render everything directly, we can t do any of those things. What we need is a representation that gives us some of the capabilities of a Shape for example, knowing where it is so that we can tell that it has been clicked on, but still keep the fast rendering capabilities. This is where Visuals come in.
the clipboard
package PauseAndResume; import System.Console; public class ClassMain { /** @attribute System.STAThread() */
Hello, World! in a browser how cool is that
As mentioned in the introduction to this chapter, controlling and working with the MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks is not a trivial matter. Daunting as these areas can be, I could not leave them out of this book. We proceed on the basis that you have learned by now to look for familiar patterns, integrate what you can, and just follow directions when things get a bit dicey! NOTE: What we are going to do in our implementation file is synthesize our property and release it in the dealloc method. 9. As shown in Figure 9 14, we now copy the dealloc statement from the bottom of the implementation file, MapKit_01ViewController.m. We are going to paste it at the top of the file, immediately below the synthesize statement you just wrote. Then add a release for the mapView property, as shown in Figure 9 15. The reason I asked you to put it right at the top is that I now want you to delete everything below it, down to the viewDidLoad method. See Figure 9 16.
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