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SyncSession syncSession); } [DataContract] public class CompositeType { bool boolValue = true; string stringValue = "Hello "; [DataMember] public bool BoolValue { get { return boolValue; } set { boolValue = value; } } [DataMember] public string StringValue { get { return stringValue; } set { stringValue = value; } } } }
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Composing a New Email Message
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Debugging techniques
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int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { int num, i; num = 5; for ( i = 0; i < 20; i++ ) AddOne( &num ); printf( "Final value is %d.", num ); return 0; } void AddOne( int (*myVar) ++; } b. int int gNumber; MultiplyIt( int myVar ); *myVar ) {
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Tap a note to open and view it.
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Dim people As List(Of Person) = New List(Of Person) { _ {ID := 1, IDRole := 1, LastName := "Anderson", FirstName := "Brad"}, _ {ID := 2, IDRole := 2, LastName := "Gray", FirstName := "Tom"}, _ {ID := 3, IDRole := 2, LastName := "Grant", FirstName := "Mary"}, _ {ID := 4, IDRole := 3, LastName := "Cops", FirstName := "Gary"} _ } Dim roles As List(Of Role) = New List(Of Role) { _ {ID := 1, RoleDescription := "Manager"}, _ {ID := 2, RoleDescription := "Developer"} _ } Public Class JoinExample Private Shared Function outerDelegate(ByVal p As Person) As Integer Return p.IDRole End Function Private Shared Function innerDelegate(ByVal r As Role) As Integer
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The entity-relationship schema is an essential part of the logical model, though not the only one, just like the data store in itself is not the only part of a data-centric solution. Business logic is the other essential part of the logical model. It defines all the data management operations needed for maintenance of the business entities. For the purposes of this chapter, we ll focus on the basic operations presented in table 2.
PS (3) > $cred UserName -------mymachine\myuserid Password -------System.Security.SecureString
Classical Inheritance
The Problem with nameBad
The Grid
That says to use the string Birth Date for column headers and field labels; and if a tooltip or other description approach is available, use this description. Figure 17.14 shows how this looks at runtime.
Forward @class Directive
A Mail Blogger configuration specifies a mailbox to be monitored and a blog to which messages are to be posted. Let s cover the important elements of the configuration file XML, so you will be able to write your own. First, within the root <mail-blogger> element, we find the <codeword> element , which contains the codeword for posting. Pick any codeword you want, but for b security s sake, make it different from your email or blog password. Next, we have the <mailbox> element C, which contains the information needed to connect to and monitor your mailbox for incoming blogs. You must specify your mail server username D, password E, and the hostname of your POP3 mail server F. Finally, we have the <destination> element, which specifies the blog to which posts are to be made. First, we specify the MetaWeblog API target URL G for the blog server. After that, we specify the username H, password I, and blog ID J of the blog. At the end of the <destination> element, you can specify a list of blog categories 1) to be applied to posts made by email. (This is optional.). That s all there is to Mail Blogger configuration, so let s move on to its implementation.
O-notation O(1) O(log n) O(n) O(n log n) O(n ) O(n ) O(2 )
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