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Listing 3-10. Retrieving the Attribute s Value Prefixed with the Namespace Shortcut
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Do you see how the curly braces help In a sense, they act to hide the second if inside the first if statement. There is no chance for the else to connect to the hidden if. No one I know ever got fired for using too many parentheses or too many curly braces.
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Conditionally Returning One of Two Values
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Creates a symbolic link file at path that refers to the file at destPath.
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definitely couldn t re-register it on the same COM+ server. If you wanted to install a new version of your component, you had to uninstall the old version, reboot the server, reinstall the component, and possibly reboot again. If you accidentally installed a new version over an existing version, you would eventually fall into DLL Hell because of the Registry discrepancies. COM+ partitions solve this problem by creating a processing space for your components, which allows you to install multiple versions of the same component onto a server. Once you create a COM+ partition, you can treat it exactly as you would a virtual server. This has an enormous impact on developers because they no longer need separate servers for development and production. You can achieve the same effect by using products such as VMWare; however, COM+ partitions are built into Windows Server 2003, whereas VMWare is a separate product.
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Project Builder must be restarted for the changes to become active. For more information, select Help Show Expert Preferences Notes from within Project Builder.
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The number of concurrent connections to a single subdomain (for example, http: //10rem.net and http://images.10rem.net are two different subdomains) is limited in most browsers to two. This limit has been increased in Internet Explorer 8 to six concurrent connections; but because Silverlight runs in multiple browsers, you should still be aware of it. Because Silverlight uses the browser s networking stack for its communications by default, it s bound by the same limits. You may need a combination of resources or other approaches to ensure that this doesn t create unnecessary delays in your application. Keep in mind that the browser may be loading objects outside the scope of the Silverlight application as well, such as stylesheets, images, and JavaScript files. All these objects count toward the limit of two concurrent connections. You should keep this fact in mind, particularly when performing duplex communication as described in section 14.4.
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Twenty-five hundred years ago in 490 BC, a Greek herald named Pheidippides ran several dispatches totaling 240 km (150 miles) during the final two days of the Battle of Marathon. The distance of his final run from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the Greek victory over the Persians with the word (we have won) is the basis for the marathon race being 42 km (26.2 miles). Insofar as Pheidippides ran those dispatches over mountainous terrain in hot weather and would have been 40 (born in 530 BC), it is not surprising that he collapsed and died moments later. Nowadays, dying from running a marathon is rare, but developing rigor mortis, referred to as hitting the wall, is not. Typically this happens in the final fourth of the marathon when, because of glycogen depletion, muscle fibers lock up, effectively turning a runner into a staggering corpse. So to run a fast marathon time, you must not hit the wall. During the race, this more or less comes down to making good decisions about how to respond to events as they unfold stuff like whether to speed up or slow down relative to the display on a split clock or whether to follow a surging runner or remain in the chase pack. In the same way, you have to be smart about how JavaScript behaviors respond to events, with things such as visitors moving their mouse or the page loading in order to prevent the browser from developing rigor mortis. Why would JavaScript freeze the browser anyway For one, whenever some JavaScript code is running, the browser cannot do any repaints, reflows, or any other UI updates. So, a button clicked while JavaScript is executing may never look like it was clicked. For another, while a JavaScript file is downloading, a browser cannot download any other kind of file. Therefore, CSS and image downloads are temporarily blocked, both while a JavaScript file downloads and executes, typically causing a blank white page. But not to worry we will explore not only how to respond to events but also how to be quick about it. Insofar as JavaScript responds to events by running functions, referred to as event listeners, this typically means coding snappy functions. Some techniques for doing so, such as optimizing loops, are already in your bailiwick. Others, such as advance conditional loading, are new but well within your grasp.
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can also use the Console for handling stdin and stdout traffic. In practice, I use the Console a lot for NSLog messages from my code and that is about it.
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Stringing Us Along
-[NSArray sortedArrayUsing :]
Shared Application Logic, Entities, Validation Rules
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Obviously you should call these methods only when there are unused textures that you want to be removed. This is typically done after changing scenes, and should not be done during game play. Keep in mind that changing scenes causes the previous scene to be deallocated only after the new scene has been initialized. This means you can t use the removeUnused methods in the init method of a scene that is, unless you use the LoadingScene from 5 in between two scenes, in which case you should extend it so that it removes unused textures before replacing itself with the new scene.
WHERE (DATEPART(YY, SOH.OrderDate) = @Year) AND (ST.TerritoryID = @Territory)
double bottom = ActualHeight * 0.9; double left = ActualWidth * 0.1;
// no code in code-behind required :)
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