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NSArray has two limitations. First, it will hold only Objective-C objects. You can t have primi-
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Figure 9 29. App icon and examples of three action screens parsing app: Routesy Bay Area San Francisco Muni and BART.
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The 4-byte address of the variable myVar is written to the 4 bytes allocated to myPointer. In our example, myVar s address is 836. Figure 7-6 shows the value 836 stored in myPointer s 4 bytes. Now, myPointer is said to point to myVar.
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While the automatic appearance of menu items based on the objects in the responder chain is cool, there are situations where an object in the responder chain implements an action, but the action is still not always appropriate. The Cocoa framework makes this easy to accomplish, again using the responder chain. I omitted a step about menu items in the previous section. Once the responder to a menu item is located, the menu framework checks to see if it implements a -validateMenuItem: method. If it does, it gives the object a chance to disable the item by sending it that message, passing the menu item to consider. If the object returns YES, the menu item is enabled. Otherwise, it s disabled just as if the object did not respond to the action. In the TicTacToe project, both the Reset and Play One Move menu items send actions to the responder chain. Without doing anything else, both would be enabled as long as the document object is in the responder chain. But the game s reset command only makes sense once the game has started, and the play command is only applicable when it is the user s move. Listing 20-7 implements a -validateMenuItem: method that accounts for these conditions.
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Rectangle rect; int nIndex = 0; foreach (NameValuePair nvp in dataPoints) { rect = nvp.Tag as Rectangle; rect.Fill = new SolidColorBrush(columnColors[nIndex++ % columnColors.Count]);
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Fix the bug in your test. Make sure the test fails when it should. Make sure the test passes when it should.
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Creating a Document-Based Application
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Click here. Check this box. Only if you have Selected shows listed above can you choose specific shows to sync here. Select Episodes from Playlists by checking these boxes.
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Note Using the SetElement and SetAttribute methods with elements and attributes not already present in an XML document is equivalent to adding them to the current element. On the other hand, specifying a null value with an existing element removes that element from the XML document.
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Connection pooling
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Creating a key file to sign the DLL
In this case, we are calling the GetSQL function and passing the value of the OrderID report parameter. Once we manually define the fields that the query returns, we can base our report on the results of this generated on-the-fly query. Talking about flexibility! 88
Moving to a different part of the song or video: Just click the diamond in the slider bar under the song name in the top of the window and drag it left or right, as desired.
Creating Calendars
CHAPTER 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation
A three-element array of doubles specifying the WCS position of one end of the line to be measured A three-element array of doubles specifying the WCS position of the other end of the line to be measured A three-element array of doubles specifying the WCS position of the text to be displayed
CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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