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Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time Represents the average CPU utilization. The average CPU utilization on any processor should not exceed 60 70%. Process(aspnet_wp)\% Processor Time (or Process(w3wp)\% Processor Time for Windows 2003) The percentage of the CPU utilization spent in the ASP.NET worker thread
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Formic uses pure and simple Cocoa Touch. It uses NSTimer for scheduling and UIView animations for its graphic effects, just like Frenzic. If you want to write a graphic-intense game, you should probably take a look at OpenGL ES, but for simple puzzle games that just move around a few pieces, this approach is the way to go in my opinion. Nonetheless, keep in mind that Core Animation was built for simple, single animations: it is optimized for ease of use, not for performance. If you decide to use UIView animations or Core Animation, be sure to write some test code that simulates the most demanding animation your game will probably face, and don t forget to also play sound. Don t wait and add sound at the end, as
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Listing of parameters used by the Column attribute (continued) Description This attribute is used to specify the database type used when creating a column with the DataContext.CreateDatabase method. A valid example would be NVarChar(50) Not Null Default('') This value is only used when generating databases with the CreateDatabase method. The value included here is the SQL string specifying how to create a calculated field in the database. Used to indicate if the database generates the value for this property. This parameter should be used for Identity or AutoNumber columns in the database. The value will be populated in your class immediately after the record is updated in the database via the SubmitChanges method. Use this to designate that the column in question identifies a specific instance type to be used for the given row. We ll see this in action in section 8.3.3. Set this value for the column of your table that uniquely identifies the row. Most frequently, this is the primary key column of your table. LINQ to SQL requires at least one column be indicated as the primary key for each class for use by the object identity and change tracking services; for multicolumn keys, set this in each Column attribute. Use this attribute on columns that are the timestamp or version number of your record. This value is updated each time the row is changed, and is useful for optimistic concurrency checks. Indicates the name of the column in the table you wish to map to. To map a column directly to the underlying private field in a class rather than using the public property setter, specify the name of the field as the storage parameter. Specifies how LINQ to SQL will use this column when processing the optimistic concurrency (see section 8.1). By default, all mapped columns in the class will be used when evaluating the concurrency. If you re using a timestamp or another technique to manage concurrency, use this parameter to optimize your update and delete methods. This parameter takes an enumerated value with the following options: Always (default) Always check this column Never Never check this column WhenChanged Only check this column if the given property has changed.
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You first define a delegate for the NameChanged event. Then, in the implementation of the property (Name), you raise the event after changing the property s value. The code to raise the event is in the OnNameChanged() method. Using a separate method is a recommended guideline from the official .NET documentation, which discusses the implementation and use of events. The next step is to listen to the event:
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This project demonstrates using a template to start a project. Perhaps you have a number of scripts that work in the same environment such as ones for automating Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. Think how handy it would be to have a floating button bar so that all you (or your user) need to do is click a button to get script functionality. The following tutorial demonstrates this. You will want to have some graphics handy that measure 36 pixels by 36 pixels (or however large you want your buttons to be). These can be just about any common format, such as TIFF.
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Note how this uses a FontStyles static property called Italic. This static property represents a FontStyle definition. This fact is significant because, even though you can only set a FontStyle to italic in Silverlight, WPF is a different story. WPF, which is Silverlight s parent technology, provides additional FontStyle options. The FontStyle is but one of the five font styling options available within a TextBlock. The other four are the FontStretch, FontWeight, FontSize, and FontFamily. Collectively, these give you a significant amount of control over the font styling of a TextBlock. In addition to basic font styling, Silverlight gives you the ability to control the overall flow of text.
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PreviousData is only used when you re binding to something like a ListBox that has a currently selected item and a previously selected item. As you can guess, PreviousData returns the last selected value before the current value. This might be used to display history or if you want to build a transition from the old value to the new value. {Binding RelativeSource={Relative Source PreviousData},Path=Value}
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<asp:GridView ID="GridViewBooks" runat="server" AllowSorting="True" AllowPaging="True" PageSize="3" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataSourceID="LinqDataSource1">
The Dim3PointAngular object displays the angular distance between three points. You can use the AddDim3PointAngular method to add this type of dimension to a drawing. Set Dim3PointAngularObject = _ Object.AddDim3PointAngular(VertexPoint, Point1, Point2, _ TextPosition) Table 11-5 shows the AddDim3PointAngular method s parameters. Table 11-5. The AddDim3PointAngular Method s Parameters
Choose Save Image.
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The code for this section can be found in the ReportViewerRemote.cs file in the code samples provided with this book. 11.4.1 Creating a parameters section First you must make room for your new parameters section. In section 11.2 you added a ReportViewer control to your WinForm. In this WinForm you ll move the ReportViewer control down so that you have about an inch available at the top of the form. After you create space for the parameters section, you can start dragging labels, date-time pickers, textboxes, and buttons on the form, as shown in figure 11.3. Use the information listed in table 11.4 to add eight controls. Be sure to name the controls appropriately to match the source code.
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