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private void ctxtPhotoCal_MenuClick (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { PhotoMenuItem mi = sender as PhotoMenuItem; if ((mi != null) && (DisplayPhotoEditDlg(mi.tag))) { UpdateCalendar(); } }
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21.1.5 Turn mailing lists into newsfeeds
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The method OpenTheChannel in this code shows where you define the service you re attempting to connect to. It s assigned as an endpoint on the duplex channel. The StartPolling method creates the SOAP message for the initial call and sends it to the service. Listing 14.16 shows that CompleteOnSend receives the response from the initial call. This is also the first use of the uiThread SynchronizationContext to update text in the XAML.
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Now select Debug from the Run menu. Xcode will use the Free Software Foundation s GNU Debugger (GDB) to run your program in debug mode. Your program will start running, and some text will appear in the console window, along with the output from our first printf(). Finally, the program will come to rest at our first breakpoint. Figure 7-15 shows our source code window stopped at our breakpoint. Now, let s use the power of the debugger to look at the value of a few of our variables. Go to the Run menu and then to the Show submenu, and select the subitem Expressions . This will bring up the Expressions window, which will allow us to type an expression or variable name and see its current value. In the Expressions window, type the variable name gPrintTraceInfo in the Expression: field at the bottom of the window, and press return. The variable name gPrintTraceInfo and its value will appear in the window (see Figure 7-16). As you can see, when I ran this version of my program, gPrintTraceInfo had a value of true.
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formatting instructions they need. Next let s look at how we can control that formatting system ourselves, and override the defaults.
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CHAPTER 24: Utilities: Clock, Calculator, Compass, and Weather
To illustrate the power of the Query by Criteria API, we use an example derived from one later in the book, in section 8.5.1. This shows a method that lets you find and load all users who are similar to an example user, and who also have a bid item similar to a given example item:
CHAPTER 10: Source-Code Management with Subversion
Favor a streaming approach
Basic Data Types
Tire *tire; tire = [[Tire alloc] initWithPressure: 23 + i treadDepth: 33 - i];
Understanding the NHibernate type system
< xml version="1.0" > <hibernate-configuration xmlns="urn:nhibernate-configuration-2.2"> <session-factory> <property name="connection.provider"> NHibernate.Connection.DriverConnectionProvider </property> <property name="dialect"> NHibernate.Dialect.MsSql2000Dialect </property> <property name="connection.driver_class"> NHibernate.Driver.SqlClientDriver </property> <property name="connection.connection_string"> Data Source=(local); Initial Catalog=nhibernate; Integrated Security=SSPI </property> </session-factory> </hibernate-configuration>
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