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CHAPTER 40 Tips for Real-World Code . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 485
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Figure 4.7 The ways key pairs are generated and managed through AWS s Management Console. The public key is retained at AWS, whereas the private key isn t. You can download it to your machine for secret storage.
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location. The default value is /temp, meaning that by default the report images will be downloaded to the AWReporterWeb/temp folder. In our implementation, the folder has to be relative to the application s root folder. However, if this is not convenient for you, you can modify the code to handle an alternative location. Please note that because the image handler page (more on this in a moment) takes care of streaming the images, the image store doesn t have to be accessible by the interactive users. The second property, StreamRoot, corresponds to the StreamRoot device info setting. If left blank, it defaults to the ImageDownloadPath property. You will typically set StreamRoot to point to the image handler page s URL using the following syntax:
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If the number of available threads is zero, the ThreadPool class must wait until a thread becomes available. During this time any work items added will simply increase the size of the work queue in the ThreadPool object. The number of elements that can be queued is limited only by the amount of available memory.
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PUT Object COPY Object GET Object
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.NET 3.0 Framework 2.0 (Red) WPF (Green) WCF (Green)
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As you can see, this method receives a CancelEventArgs object. This class defines a Cancel property to help determine whether the application will actually exit. If this property is set to true by an override of the OnClosing method or a Closing event handler, then the close operation is cancelled and the application will continue to run. The Cancel property has a default value of false, so that the close operation is not cancelled and the application will exit. We will override the OnClosing method in our MainForm class to make sure the CloseCurrentAlbum method is called regardless of how the application exits.
Figure 6 23. clone() and SweetCream() are not globally defined.
To the Base Class of an Object
C# classes are quite similar to Java classes, with a few important differences relating to constants, base classes and constructors, static constructors, virtual functions, hiding, and versioning, accessibility of members, ref and out parameters, and identifying types.
Loop/iteration statements Loops, or iteration statements, enable programs to repeatedly call a sequence of statements. Table 7.3 contains some examples.
Creating a new WPF Windows project via the New Project dialog in Visual Studio
CHAPTER 7 Method Method NoteProperty NoteProperty NoteProperty NoteProperty NoteProperty NoteProperty NoteProperty
Subclassing Game Objects from CCSprite
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