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Why MakePersistent() and MakeTransient() instead of Save() and Delete()
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} public void fetcherEvent(FetcherEvent ev) { System.out.println("FetcherEvent received"); System.out.println(" eventType: " + ev.getEventType()); System.out.println(" urlString: " + ev.getUrlString()); }
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Resources, styles, and control templates
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Now that we have seen the class hierarchy, let s turn our attention to the StatusBar class itself. Typically, an application has only one status bar, although its contents may change as the application is used in different ways. Two types of information are normally displayed on a status bar. Simple text the status bar can display a text string as feedback on the meaning of menu commands and toolbars. This is often referred to as flyby text since it displays as the cursor moves over, or flies by, the associated control. A simple string can also display status information on what the application is currently doing. For example, we will use the status bar to display a message while the application is loading a selected image. On a slower machine or for a large image, this will tell our user that the application is busy and currently unavailable. State or attribute information another type of data often provided is relevant information about the application or an object displayed by the application. This information is usually divided into separate areas called status bar panels (or status bar indicators or panes). Such information can include both text and graphical data. In this chapter, we will use a status bar panel to display the image size in pixels of the displayed image. This section will implement the first type of information to display the status bar shown in figure 4.3. As before, this chapter builds on the application constructed in the previous chapter.
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typedef struct { PacketHeader header; int32_t x; int32_t y; uint8_t r; uint8_t g; uint8_t b; } PositionPacket;
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name. The Style property is available on every FrameworkElement, so virtually every control in the Silverlight framework can be styled. You can do this by taking advantage of the Style class s Setters collection. The Setters collection stores the entire definition of a Style. This definition is made up of individual property/value pairs similar to those seen in CSS within the HTML world. In Silverlight, each combination is defined within a Setter element, which lets you assign a value to a single visual property. Interestingly, this approach can be used to set both simple and complex property values.
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cmd.Connection.Open(); cmd.ExecuteReader(); Console.WriteLine("No error returned"); } catch (SqlException sqlex) { Console.WriteLine("First Error Message: " + sqlex.Message); Console.WriteLine("Error Count: {0}", sqlex.Errors.Count.ToString()); } } static void conn_ShortMessage(object sender, SqlInfoMessageEventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine("[{0}] SQL Server Message: {1}", System.DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString(), e.Message); } }
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It s perfectly legal to make the following method a one-liner by directly returning the result value of objectAtIndex:
Though the preceding declarations are just fine, you are more likely to encounter declarations like these:
10. Click the Upload Arrow to select photos or videos to upload to your MobileMe album. 11. Navigate to the folder on your computer where your pictures are stored, click on the picture or video to select it, then click the Open button. NOTE: The following image file formats are supported: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg. The following video types are supported: .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .3gp, .3g2, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi.
Controls and UserControls
20 and 22, in particular, should provide some helpful pointers, if you need to refer back to them.
Another handy tool is apropos. This searches through a list of brief descriptions for every installed Unix application and displays those that contain a given search word or phrase. For example, try typing this: apropos text This will return dozens of matching manuals, not only for Unix tools but also for things such as low-level system calls that are of interest only to C programmers, Perl, and Tcl libraries, and so on. Fortunately, apropos puts a number in parentheses after the manual name that tells you what section it came from. The most useful section is section 1, which contains general commands. Section 8, which contains system administrator tools, might also be of occasional interest. For example, to do a quick and dirty filter for section 1 manuals, you could use this: apropos text | grep '(1)' The man tool also provides some powerful manual search tools if apropos doesn t find what you re after; see its manual for details.
CHAPTER 5: Physics, Sprites, and Animation with the cocos2d-iPhone Framework
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