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You can use the error command to throw errors at any point during the script, like this: error "Something happened" number 999 Although I used only the error text and number components, you can use the other two as well. Be aware that Apple reserves negative error numbers.
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Getting Specific Types of Data from the Clipboard
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Legacy applications moved to a private cloud will see marginal improvements at best.
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CHAPTER 3: What s Next
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--view the table SELECT * FROM dbo.Test ;
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A good baseline and regular baseline analysis should form part of an overall performance-tuning exercise. The values for many of the counters discussed throughout this chapter are meaningless unless seen in the context of a known value recorded during times of acceptable performance. Knowing these values is key in detecting emerging trends that can be arrested before the problem becomes widespread. Wherever possible, use stored procedures (or parameterized sp_executesql) instead of dynamically executed SQL using exec. Parameterizing SQL avoids the common procedure bloat issue whereby valuable memory (and CPU resources) is wasted on single-use ad hoc SQL; further, dynamic SQL opens up the possibilities of SQL injection attacks that we covered in chapter 6. In situations where direct control over application code is not possible, consider using the Forced Parameterization or the Optimize for Ad Hoc Workload option. As with all other configuration recommendations throughout this book, such changes should be made after observation in a testing environment with an appropriate workload simulation. In cases where a small number of queries are causing compilation issues, and the queries themselves cannot be changed, such as in a vendor-supplied application, consider using plan guides (not covered in this book) in place of Forced Parameterization. The excellent Microsoft whitepaper titled Batch Compilation, Recompilation and Plan Caching Issues is a must read in understanding the (many) issues for consideration in increasing plan usage. One such recommendation is ensuring objects are fully qualified, for example, select * from dbo.table rather than select * from table. For stored procedures that take a wide variety of parameter values, consider creating the procedure with the WITH RECOMPILE option to avoid parameter-sniffing issues whereby ongoing performance is dictated by the parameters used in the first execution. While ongoing compilation will be higher, the resultant plans are typically more accurate. In cases where the additional compilation overhead is accepted in return for improved (and consistent) performance, such an option is certainly worth considering. Additional links and information on the best practices covered in this chapter can be found online at
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s Note The updated MOMAgent.msi file is not supplied with the MOM 2005 SP1 executable. You can obtain this file directly from Microsoft, or download the SP1-integrated copy of MOM 2005. In the SP1 copy of MOM, the MOMAgent.msi file can be found in the i386 folder on the disk or .iso file. If you have MOM Reporting installed, it will be necessary to upgrade this to SP1 also. To accomplish this, run the SP1 executable on the reporting server.
Listin g 7-3. Avoid Sending nil Messages That Return Structures
static void DisplayProcesses() { var processes = Process.GetProcesses() .Where(process => process.WorkingSet64 > 20*1024*1024) .OrderByDescending(process => process.WorkingSet64) .Select(process => new { process.Id, Name=process.ProcessName }); ObjectDumper.Write(processes); }
Figure 13.8 Using a service locator allows for dynamic changes during runtime of services. The service locator is a shared service within the application that handles registration and location of services.
If you see a circle around the dot, then your location is approximate.
SELECT p.SalesPersonID, t.TerritoryID, SUM(s.TotalDue) AS TotalSales FROM Sales.SalesPerson p CROSS JOIN Sales.SalesTerritory t LEFT JOIN Sales.SalesOrderHeader s ON p.SalesPersonID = s.SalesPersonID AND t.TerritoryID = s.TerritoryID GROUP BY p.SalesPersonID, t.TerritoryID;
server at code-generation time. For that reason, changes to the database will require updates to the .edmx model and then automatic downstream updates here. In addition to the validation and display attributes described in chapters 12 and 13 and shown in this example, a number of other attributes are used in the entity. Although we ll get to how to use the special validation and display metadata attributes in the next section, table 17.8 shows some of the helper attributes you ll likely run across.
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