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Under the Security heading, Fraud Warning, JavaScript, and Block Pop-ups should, by default, be set to ON. You can modify either of these by just sliding the switch to OFF. NOTE: Many popular sites like Facebook require JavaScript to be ON.
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Touch the bookmarked word and a new set of options is available. You can either unbookmark the word or change the color of the bookmark. To view your bookmarks, just touch the Table of Contents icon at the top left of the screen (next to the Library icon) and then touch Bookmarks. Touch on the bookmark highlighted and you will jump to that section in the book.
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Figure 9.9 We zoomed the Wiki In Action window 200% to make it easier to see the Grid margin adornments.
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TIP: We have heard rumors that the Apple word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) is coming soon to the iPhone. Our iPad Made Simple book (Apress, 2010) includes descriptions of these apps because they are already available for the iPad.
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Figure 6.15 The user has only one billing information object.
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this.Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript( typeof(MyWebPart), "helloworld", "alert('Hello World');", true);
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Interact with a comic in a whole new way
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Parsers Each parser is responsible for reading a newsfeed in the form of a JDOM XML document and producing from it a WireFeed object model representing that newsfeed. Each parser is designed to support one specific newsfeed format (e.g., RSS 0.91). Generators Each generator is responsible for taking a WireFeed object model and producing from it a newsfeed in the form of a JDOM XML document. Like parsers, each generator is designed to support one specific newsfeed format. Converters Each converter is responsible for converting a WireFeed model to a SyndFeed model. Modules Each module has a parser that s responsible for parsing the XML elements associated with the module and a generator that s responsible for adding those XML elements to generated XML.
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back to Windows-based security and undoing all steps could be quite a hassle, so make sure that you know what you re getting yourself into. Because in most cases the main purpose of using custom security is to allow reports to be requested by URL, you may have to take extra steps to protect the data. For example, you will need to ensure that a customer can see only her order history data by filtering the orders at the data source. There may be other trade-offs applicable to your particular situation.
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Web Part icons Before finishing this look-and-feel section, I want to show you how to make your Web Part more identifiable using an icon. Each Web Part can have two icons: one that identifies the Web Part in the Web Part Gallery and one that identifies the Web Part on a page. Using an icon is an easy trick to enhance your Web Part and, normally, requires no programming. The Web Part definition contains two properties that specify the icons. The first property, CatalogIconImageUrl, specifies the URL to the file location of the icon image. The image must be a 16 16 pixel image of PNG, GIF, or JPEG format. This icon is used in the Web Part Gallery to identify the Web Part (see figure 4.17). I strongly recommend that you use this catalog icon. It will help your users find the Web Part and it gives a professional impression. The second icon property, TitleIconImageUrl, can be used to show an icon in the Web Part s title bar to the left of the title. The icon should be the same size and type as the catalog icon. I don t think that you should always use this title icon. It can be helpful
William (Bill) Vaughn is an industry-recognized author, mentor, and subject-matter expert on Visual Studio, SQL Server, Reporting Services, and data access technologies. He s worked in the computer industry for over 37 years. In 2000, after 14 years at Microsoft, Bill stepped away to work on his books, consulting, mentoring, and independent training seminars. He s written over a dozen books, including Hitchhiker s Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition) and Hitchhiker s Guide to SQL Server Compact Edition. He and Peter Blackburn also wrote the critically acclaimed Hitchhiker s Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services.
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More Advanced SQL
Cloudbursting promises to maximize agility while minimizing cost, but there s the nagging question of what exactly to do about the data such distributed applications require or generate. The original data-center-resident version of this application probably never envisioned that it might expand to the cloud; but when it does, where does it get its input data, and where should it store its output data (In the Eventseer case study, the company addressed this head-on by having all interactions with the cloud extension of the data center in batch mode see case 4 in the following subsections.) Let s look at several strategies for dealing with cloudburst data. The following are five scenarios as described by Joe Weinman of AT&T Business Solutions. One of them may fit both your application s requirements and your enterprise s overall business model.
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The copy attribute is more appropriate with string and collection objects than it is in Java. In Objective-C, string and collection classes have mutable subclasses. So an NSString is not guaranteed to be immutable the way a Java String object is. Making a copy ensures that the property isn t affected by changes to the orginal object used to set the property.
To use numbers, tap the 123 key on the keyboard. For letters, tap the ABC key to switch back to a letter keyboard.
In order to derive the best execution plan, SQL Server supports a number of query hints, fully described in SQL Server Books Online under Query Hints. In addition to Forced Parameterization and WITH RECOMPILE, several other options exist, such as OPTIMIZE FOR and USE PLAN. OPTIMIZE FOR directs the query optimizer to use a specified value for a given parameter during query optimization (but uses the real value during execution). USE PLAN forces the query optimizer to use a specified XML query plan for a given query, which is useful in situations in which other options are not successful and complete control is required. Finally, Plan Guides are useful in situations in which the SQL or stored procedures cannot be modified, which is typical of third-party applications. Plan Guides direct the optimizer to add specified query hints to queries it optimizes of a particular format.
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