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This method accepts an instance of a class described as being a ScriptableType. The object is registered with the scripting engine by passing it as the second parameter to the RegisterScriptableObject method, which then uses the first parameter to create an alias for the class instance. This alias is appended to the content property of the hosting Silverlight plug-in. The Silverlight plug-in exposes a subobject called content, which exposes the content of a Silverlight plug-in; this is the scripting version of the Content property of the SilverlightHost class previously discussed. You can access your scriptable object by first retrieving the plug-in instance and then referencing the ScriptableMember you want, as demonstrated in listing 4.1.
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Revision histories pertain to pages and resources that have been modified and approved. Revision histories are not exported. Unapproved page revisions provide the following: Date/time of the last modification Status Approved revisions provide the following: Date/time of the initial approval or date/time of the initial resource creation Type (page or resource) Name of person who approved the revision
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FileStream MemoryStream NetworkStream BufferedStream GZipStream DeflateStream
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Expression 176 generic 162 ObjectDumper 47, 166 ProcessData 48 Publisher 117 Review 117 SampleData 393 SqlCommand 10 SqlConnection 10 SqlReader 10 Subject 117 System.Linq.Enumerable 68, 86, 93, 109 TElement 170 TKey 170 XDocument 320 XElement 389 XmlReader 31 XmlWriter 31 code quality, impact on performance 10 code reuse 491 collection initializers 52 55 iterating through 195 collections 125 ArrayList 162 in-memory 121 126 nongeneric 162 164 querying 162 164 using 129 133, 135 136 collisions 457 avoiding 458 namespace collisions 458 Column 210 mapping 240 243 column 401 Column attribute 239 243 AutoSync 240 CanBeNull 240, 242 DbType 241 Expression 241 IsDbGenerated 241 IsDiscriminator 241, 304 IsPrimaryKey 210, 241 242 IsVersion 241 Name 210, 241 Storage 241 UpdateCheck 241, 243, 271 ColumnAttribute 110
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NHibernate in action with a Hello World application How to architecture an NHibernate application Writing and mapping a simple entity Configuring NHibernate Implementing primitive CRUD operations
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Rob Farley
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Member Accessibility and Overloading
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Louis and Paul s 10 key relational database design ideas
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#import "Person.h" @interface Voter : Person { } - (void)setAdult:(BOOL)isAdult; @end @implementation Voter - (void)setAdult:(BOOL)isAdult { if (isAdult && !self.isAdult) [VoterRegistration registerVoter:self]; [super setAdult:isAdult]; } @end The self variable is always a pointer to the reciever (the object whose method was invoked). The type of the self variable is a pointer to the class that implemented the method. It can be used to address instance variables defined or inherited by that class (i.e., self->secondName), but not a subclass variable (even if the actual class of the object is a subclass).
-offsetInFile -seekToFileOffset: -seekToEndOfFile -truncateFileAtOffset:
CREATE THE CONTROLS FOR OUR NEW APPLICATION (continued) Action 8 Set the properties for the MainForm form.
Part 3 Completing the experience
You ve used SetString() and SetDate() to bind arguments to query parameters. The IQuery interface provides similar convenience methods for binding arguments of most of the NHibernate built-in types: everything from SetInt32() to SetTimestamp() and SetEnum(). A particularly useful method is SetEntity(), which lets you bind a persistent entity:
Dedicated time For a consultant, this is her job. Unlike other employ-
The structure of this book to this point has been no frills or tangential side trips into MCMS concepts. Although we won t break our mold here, we will expand our discussion to include page processing. What we know so far is that what MCMS serves up may look like a Web page to a browser, but it s actually a posting a dynamic construct based on ASP template code, data from a database (and file system resources), all wrapped together with an MCMS-specific console. Figure 9-1 traces the process of responding to page requests. We ll use this to see where you need to provide your customized code. MCMS responds to page requests by assembling postings. The way postings are rendered depends on the mode in which the browser is operating, author or subscriber. Content on pages looks different under each of these modes. Let s examine presentation mode first.
Creating a self-signed certificate To create a self-signed certificate, we ll use the MakeCert.exe program. This utility is included as part of the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK and the Microsoft Platform SDK. These can be freely downloaded from Microsoft if you don t already have them. Even if they are installed on the computer, we may have to modify the setting of $ENV:PATH so it includes the directory that contains these commands. You can use Get-Command to see whether makecert.exe is installed and where it is located.
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