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10.8 Lab
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If you must stop a run loop, there are three basic techniques: Use code like that in Listing 15-4 to periodically check to see if the run loop should stop. The problem is that the loop will only execute once per event or after the time out. You don t want to make the time out short this constitutes polling because it wastes resources. Call the Core Foundation function CFRunLoopStop(), passing it the CFRunLoopRef value obtained via -[NSRunLoop getCFRunLoop]. Create a custom run loop input source and combine it with the technique in Listing 15-4. Your custom input source s event handler can set a flag indicating that the run loop should stop, which will immediately cause -runUntilDate: to return, where your outer loop can exit.
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Add a new class called BDCFieldControl to represent the custom field types web control. Add a reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll. Type the code from listing 5.6 into the BDCFieldControl class. This code uses the BDC API to access the data stored in the entity. It then iterates through each row to populate the drop-down list control. Each field type has three states: New, Read, and Edit. When the state is New or Edit, we populate the drop-down list with choices. When it s Read, we display the selected value in a label. Listing 5.7 contains the code that provides you with the BDCFieldControl class.
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Task 6-39. Removing a Gallery
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Remoting, as a job
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Every time the ship s position is updated, the preceding code performs the check to see if the ship s sprite is still inside the screen boundaries. If not, then the x or y coordinate is set to a distance of half the contentSize away from the respective screen border. Because position is a property, the setPosition method gets called by this code:
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$status = form label @{ dock="fill" flatstyle="popup" borderstyle="fixed3d" } $table.Controls.Add($status); $table.SetColumnSpan($status, 6) Update $form.Add_Shown({$form.Activate()}) [void] $form.ShowDialog();
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SharePoint Designer 2010 is not a tool that you should equip all users with, because it has a lot of powers. If you make changes to, for instance, the master page and it fails, your whole site will fail. To secure your SharePoint environment, you can lock down SharePoint Designer using settings in the sites or the Central Administration tool.
A hand-coded CRUD operation does exactly what you want because you write the SQL command to execute but it s repetitive and annoying work. It s possible to implement a framework that generates these SQL commands. Once you understand that loading an entity implies executing a SELECT on its database row, you can automate primitive CRUD operations. But much more work is required for complex queries and manipulating interconnected entities.
As you can see the Logger class provides support, albeit limited, for logging to text files, web pages, the Windows NT event log, and MSMQ. The idea here is to demonstrate the concept, not produce an enterprise-quality logging component. When the Log Message button is clicked the string that is contained in the textbox beside it is sent to the logging component. The following instructions execute:
Fixing the Flicker
Keep in mind that different sites have different performance characteristics. Measure performance early, often, and throughout the life cycle of a site. Key performance counters you should monitor include ASP/sec SQL monitoring % CPU (Web server and database server) Memory usage (especially with deployment) For latency measurement note: Time to last byte (TTLB), which means how much time to process and download Time to first byte (TTFB), which means how much time spent processing a page ASP request execution time ASP errors/sec (there should not be any) Requests queued, requests waiting, and ASP request wait time, which are useful for determining if there is an overstress situation MCMS provides a set of test tools you can use to make throughput calculations easier and more accurate. Two of the tools are the Transaction Cost Analysis tool and the Web Application Stress Tool.
Benefits of isolation
localOnly="true" pageOutput="false" requestLimit="10" traceMode="SortByTime" /> </system.web> </configuration>
When you have Python, the next step is to install Feed Validator. To get the latest version, you ll need to use a CVS client to get the source code from the project s
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