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CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
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int myNumber[ 3 ];
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CHAPTER 15: Packaging and Distribution
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Figure 11-7. Texture combiners set up to add an environment map on top of a diffuse texture
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10. Click Next in the upper right corner.
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Sealed Classes and Methods
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the file menu gives you a dialog and options. You can also step through all the print queues and find the one you want.
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Pausing and Playing
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Pointers and Declarative Pinning
Figure 9 9. Select the CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks.
Hyper-V allows up to four processor cores to be allocated to a virtual machine and refers to them as logical processors. If your SQL Server workload requires more than four processors, it is not a suitable candidate for virtualization with Hyper-V. If you have two SQL Server instances running on identical hardware, you might want to consolidate them onto one physical machine by migrating both of them into virtual machines. If they typically run at under 40 percent of the available CPU resources on the physical machines, having two of these running as virtual machines on the same hardware will not overtax the available physical resources. If a third SQL Server instance is added to the physical machine, and it uses as much CPU as the other virtual machines, the total CPU demand from all three virtual machines exceeds the physical CPU available. In this example, with three virtual machines each needing 40 percent of the available CPU, they will all perform suboptimally because there isn t enough physical resource available. Conventional approaches to performance monitoring are not adequate for identifying all performance problems in virtualized SQL Server instances. Task Manager shows the CPU usage within the virtual machine in isolation. An individual SQL Server may show only minimal CPU usage but actually be starved for CPU. If the running virtual machines collectively are overtaxing the physical machine, all virtual machines will suffer. In figure 4, Task Manager in the child partition (shown on the right side of the screen capture) gives the appearance of ample CPU resource availability, which is clearly not the case. The child partition has no visibility of the load in other partitions.
Use the Report Host debug option to avoid locking assemblies.
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