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The events in table 8.5 are passed a MouseEventArgs parameter so you can be readily informed of a mouse s position as it moves around a surface. This feature can especially
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Figure 2-26. Pressing the Execute button provided by the SQL Server Query Visualizer executes the query, showing the result in the QueryResult window while the application is waiting on a breakpoint.
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The most exciting platform in computing today wow, that s quite a claim. Chances are that if you are writing software on the Mac today, you are thinking about writing for the iPhone. The iPhone and its sibling, the iPod Touch, have created a huge amount of interest amongst both end users and developers. Currently (as of late 2009) there are over 100,000 applications available for this platform on the App Store. It s not just the existing devices that cause a stir, either. Apple, as always, plays its cards close to its chest, but you can be sure it has big plans for its mobile computing platform. Yes, definitely the most exciting place to be writing software right now. The great news is that your investment in learning Xcode and Objective-C can be mostly translated directly to iPhone development. As we ll see, there are some extra tools to learn and some minor differences in the grammar; but overall, if you know how to write software for the Mac with Xcode s tools, you will have little trouble writing software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In this chapter, you will be registering for an iPhone developer account, downloading and installing the SDK, and taking the first steps towards who knows maybe creating The Next Big Thing on the App Store.
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you restore a filegroup containing objects required for data entry, you can make a database available to users, after which you can restore an archive filegroup in the background. As long as the users don t require access to any of the data in the archive filegroup, they won t be affected. Therefore, the user impact is reduced by bringing the database online much faster than waiting for the full database to be restored. In the next chapter, we ll see how the first part of a piecemeal restore is to restore the primary filegroup, after which individual filegroups can be restored in priority order. To speed up this process, best practice dictates avoiding the use of the primary filegroup for storing user objects. The best way of enabling this is to create a secondary filegroup immediately after creating a database and marking it as the default filegroup. Such a configuration, as shown in figure 9.5, ensures that the only objects stored in the primary filegroup are system objects, therefore making this very small, and in turn providing the fastest piecemeal restore path. Listing 9.1 contains the T-SQL code to create a Sales database using the filegroup structure just covered. We ll create two additional filegroups: one called POS (which we ll mark as the default) and the other called Archive. The POS filegroup will contain two files and the Archive filegroup a single file.
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Settings MobileMe Email, calendar, Mail,Contacts,Calendar Add and contacts on various platforms. Account MobileMe You are subscribed to the MobileMe service. Email, calendar, and contacts in AOL
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Web applications followed many of the attributes of loose coupling. When we moved toward machine-to-machine communication over the web, we retained the loose coupling and created the concept of SOA. Here, a remote service publishes its interface (via a WSDL), and a consuming service has to abide by that interface to consume the service. SOA was an important evolutionary step to get to the cloud. Let s look much more closely at how SOA works.
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Databases on the system be found by running the following:
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CHAPTER 3: Essentials
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Download at
metaweblog_newPost() method 1! . If the call succeeds, the method will return the ID of the blog entry that was posted to the server. If the call fails, an excep-
Since Thread T1 has an affinity of 6 it will not be scheduled on CPU 0 or CPU 3. It will only be scheduled on CPU 1 or CPU 2. When a process first loads, it can determine what processors it can execute on by examining the contents of ProcessorAffinity. It is important to remember that even though you might set the processor affinity, it is possible that it will change during the life of the process. One way this can happen is by using Task Monitor. If you rightclick on a process, on a machine with more than one processor, you can select Set Affinity. This will display the dialog box in figure 5.15. By selecting what processor the current process can execute on, you can essentially override any settings that might have been specified by the program. Remember this
Figure 11 14. The coordinate system of an isometric tilemap.
Diagnosing a connectivity problem
return doc; } private string ExecuteCommand(string command) { ...Code is the same as from Dictionary application... } private string GetResponse(string requestString, Stream clientStream) { ...Code is the same as from Dictionary application... } } }
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Your Own Menus
16.2.1 Adding some navigation When we hook up the dictionary search, we ll have lots of places to go. Before we worry about that, let s add a simple Help page to our application and put a link to it at the bottom of the page so that we have somewhere to navigate to. If you re following along, create a new page Figure 16.5 Make a HelpPage that looks something called HelpPage and set it up to look like this. something like figure 16.5. Now we need to create a link on our main page to the Help page. With Windows Forms applications, there was a Hyperlink control, which could be used like a Label. WPF doesn t have a standalone control, but it does have a content control that can be used in places that take content, such as a TextBlock. We ll add a TextBlock to the empty row of our Grid and put a hyperlink in it.1
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