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Implementation specifics When developing and debugging out-of-browser applications, it can be essential to understand how Silverlight implements them under the covers. This is especially important when you re developing a true cross-platform application and need to ensure consistent behavior. On Windows, out-of-browser Silverlight applications run in a process named sllauncher.exe. That process hosts the IE rendering surface mshtml.dll hosted in shdocvw. The rendering surface is where your Silverlight application exists, visually. Similarly, on Apple OS X, the process hosts the Safari/WebKit rendering surface and related libraries. In both cases, Silverlight doesn t rely on the entire browser stack, just the core functionality required to host Silverlight content inside the native operating system window chrome. Though the Silverlight team has gone through great pains to ensure performance is similar on all supported operating systems, understanding the limitations of Safari/ WebKit and Internet Explorer can really help with diagnosing performance issues. For example, current implementations of Safari use a plug-in compositing mode that s not as efficient as Internet Explorer. If your application has lots of animation and internal compositing going on, it s a good idea to test performance on OS X before the release. As in the case with process-isolated tabs in the browser, each out-of-browser Silverlight application will have its own process, app domain, and instance of the CoreCLR. Out-of-browser Silverlight support now enables us to create a new class of applications that combine the best of Silverlight web development with the great experience
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I/O capacity 36 delay messages 154, 162 driver 38 failure 36 firmware 38 generation 38 integrity (SQLIOSIM) 41 IOPS 38 latency 38 load balancing (multipathing) 37 profile 26 thread (NUMA) 49 throughput 38 I/O per second (IOPS) 15 IANA registration database 100 IDE. See ATA identity columns 289, 323 identity spoofing 98, 379 image data type 178 inaccessible database 203 included columns 286, 296 297 increaseuserva 129 incremental servicing model 74 index scan 175, 291 Index Searches/Sec 409 index seek 291 indexed views 299 303 compared to filtered indexes 303 DBCC checks 263 support per SQL edition 7 indexes analysis 303 316 bookmark lookup 285 clustered index 281 283, 288 291 composite index 296 conditional maintenance 353 covering indexes 286, 295 296
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'' cast it to a blockref Set objBRef = objEnt '' exit if not a block If objBRef Is Nothing Then .Prompt vbCr & "That wasn't a block." Exit Sub End If '' exit if it has no attributes If Not objBRef.HasAttributes Then .Prompt vbCr & "That block doesn't have attributes." Exit Sub End If '' get the attributerefs varAttribs = objBRef.GetAttributes '' show some information about each strAttribs = "Block Name: " & objBRef.Name & vbCrLf For intI = LBound(varAttribs) To UBound(varAttribs) strAttribs = strAttribs & " Tag(" & intI & "): " & _ varAttribs(intI).TagString & vbTab & " Value(" & intI & "): " & _ varAttribs(intI).TextString & vbCrLf Next End With MsgBox strAttribs End Sub
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Note For additional information about ASP.NET machine.config, refer to http://
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CREATE OVERRIDABLE METHODS FOR OK AND RESET BUTTONS Action 6 Create a protected virtual method for resetting the form. Result
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This presents us with yet another riddle. When we look at the underlying error, which has no userInfo dictionary at all, it still presents a human-readable localizedDescription that doesn t seem immediately apparent just by looking at the domain and code. In fact, you can make your own inner and outer errors like this:
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A cloud storage standard
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LINQ to XML axis methods
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Figure 6 79. Your desktop at the start: Mac HD and two image files.
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Wait where s the <NSCopying> You don t need it, and you can probably guess why. When AllWeatherRadial inherits from Tire, it pulls all of Tire s baggage along, including the conformance to the NSCopying protocol. We ll need to implement copyWithZone:, though, because we have to make sure AllWeatherRadial s rain and snow-handling instance variables are copied:
Figure 26 64. Apple Software Update manual install folder (Windows PC)
Objective-C is a superset of C. Objective-C begins with C, and then adds a couple of small but significant additions to the language. If you ve ever looked at C++ or Java, you may be surprised at how small Objective-C really is. We ll cover Objective-C s additions to C in detail in this book s chapters:
</script> <!-- Other Script and Style References --> </head> <body> <!-- We will create a Silverlight plug-in here --> </body> </html>
USING THE WEB BROWSER CONTROL So far we have defined a user interface and created a wrapper class for the Web Browser ActiveX control. In this section we will implement the AboutBox form to work as described earlier. The following table begins this process by describing the changes required for our standard Windows Forms controls.
to REST URLs, which are supported by Amazon s web services. These services return XML data, which we ll be able to convert from XML to .NET objects using LINQ to XML. A use case for this example could be the following:
Next create an instance of this class:
An Introduction to Variables
The Site Manager client application is used for maintaining container hierarchies. In this chapter, when we refer to logging on to the Site Manager with administrative credentials, we mean either as an administrator, a channel manager, or a template designer.
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