Integration Code-39 in visual C# C: THE POWERSHELL GRAMMAR

Figure 10-21. The 2Push2 client application user interface
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TIP: Learning the names of parents of your school-age children can be fairly challenging. In the First field, however, you can add not just your child s friend s name but the parent s names as well (e.g., First: Samantha (Mom: Susan Dad: Ron). Then in the Company field, add in the name of your child and school friend (e.g., Cece school friend) Now, just typing your child s name in your All Contacts list s search box, you ll instantly find every person you ever met at your child s school. Now you can say Hello Susan, great to see you again! without missing a beat. Try your best to covertly look up the name.
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Notice that the script excludes a number of wait types not relevant to a performancetuning process. The get/track_waitstats stored procedures we covered earlier perform the same exclusions. Listing 17.8 lists the top 50 queries ordered by CPU time. It includes the execution_count column to indicate how many times this query has been executed. Frequently executed queries with large CPU consumption are targets for optimization.
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maintaining test scripts that simulate your end users. Traditional load testing even cloud-based load testing is still based on the concept of simulating 50, 250, or even 1,000 users from a single computer. To accomplish this, load-testing tools don t run a browser. Instead, they play back only the HTTP traffic that a browser would issue if a real user were to visit a site. The following listing shows a typical load-test script that simulates a user visiting Google and searching for manning publications .
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Connecting Web Parts
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Choosing a cloud vendor is a momentous decision. Let s explore the two most critical aspects of making that decision: the business considerations and the technical operational considerations.
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Figure 14.14 Profiler allows Performance Monitor logs to be imported, and this permits correlation of Profiler events with the corresponding Performance Monitor counters of interest.
Well-designed indexes reduce the time needed to access required data, but designed and used incorrectly, they slow query performance, lengthen maintenance routines, and increase database size and storage costs. The ability to successfully design and maintain indexes is an important DBA skill that requires a good understanding of how SQL Server uses indexes along with a solid grasp of indexanalysis and maintenance techniques. In this chapter, we ll begin with an overview of SQL Server indexes and cover strategies for successful index design. We ll then focus on a number of index-analysis techniques aimed at identifying indexes to add, drop, and defragment. We ll close the chapter with coverage of the tools and techniques involved in maintaining indexes and statistics, a crucial component of any database maintenance strategy.
Wireless Sync Using
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A video poker machine can have all the important ingredients of a distributed, client/server, multi-interface application. It can be naturally implemented as a game engine and a set of interfaces. We ll reuse the engine to implement different game applications based on COM, Internet Explorer, remoting, Windows services, message queuing, XML Web services, Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Mobile Forms. We ll also use SQL Server and ADO.NET to store play history and provide data to drive the payout management algorithm. Video poker is a real-world application which generates millions of dollars in profits each year in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Best of all, we ll need to play lots of poker to test our work. We ll develop the poker engine, a DLL assembly, in this and the next chapter. In later chapters, we ll develop different interfaces to the engine using most of the important features of .NET. In doing so, we ll get a reasonably complete tour of .NET application development. In the meantime, we take a short break from .NET and play a little poker.
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oAccess.DoCmd.OutputTo(AcOutputObjectType.acOutputReport, String.Empty, GetAccessReportFormat(rptRst.ExportFormat), fileName, null, null, null); Exports the report
First, there was no error. Second, by looking at the output of the variable, you can see that the string 0123 was converted into the number 123. This is why we say that the variable has a type attribute. Unlike strongly typed languages where a variable can only be assigned an object of the correct type, PowerShell will allow you to assign any object as long as it is convertible to the target type using the rules described in chapter 3. If the type is not convertible then you ll get a runtime type conversion error (as opposed to a compile-time error.)
Advanced data templates and binding
Collecting and displaying text is a vital part of almost every web application. Silverlight provides several controls designed to make this important task easy. Silverlight supports standard keyboard text input as well as input from input method editors (IMEs). (If you don t know what those are, don t worry; we ll get to that in a minute.) In this section, we ll cover the core of text input, including the two main controls used for gathering plain text from the user. The most basic text input control is the TextBox. For most forms and other simple data, this is the control you ll use to capture input. TextBox supports all the usual text entry functions, as well as multiline input. Similar to the TextBox but optimized for sensitive data, we have the PasswordBox. The PasswordBox is what you should use when collecting passwords or other data you want masked from view. Over the course of this section, you ll learn how to handle basic text entry with the TextBox. In addition, you ll see how to collect sensitive information, such as passwords, with the PasswordBox. Finally, we ll look at the ways to collect and format text simultaneously using the RichTextBox.
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