Figure 13.6 In this figure, we see the dialog to set the password used to secure the private key. in visual C#

Development barcode 39 in visual C# Figure 13.6 In this figure, we see the dialog to set the password used to secure the private key.

Listing 2.15 A type converter in action
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public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { OtherThread t; t=new OtherThread(100); t.setDaemon(true); t.start(); Console.WriteLine("q = Quit"); Console.WriteLine("s = Suspend"); Console.WriteLine("r = Resume"); boolean keepGoing = true; while (keepGoing) { String input = Console.ReadLine(); char inputChar = input.toLowerCase().charAt(0); switch(inputChar) { case 'q': keepGoing =false; break; case 's': t.suspend(); break; case 'r': t.resume(); break; } } } }
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Inside the layers of an NHibernate application
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prevent this, we ended up treating it as the virtual equivalent of the puck flying off the table with a careless hit. We also noticed that the corners of the table would end up trapping the puck and made it impossible to continue play without pushing it off the table (as shown in Figure 5-5).
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Some features of this code are worth noting in more detail: In C#, the override keyword is required to override a virtual method. Using the virtual keyword here would cause a compile error, since the method name is already declared in the base class. The override keyword indicates that the Equals method here serves the same purpose as the inherited member and replaces this base member. To define a new meaning for an inherited member and hide the original definition, the new modifier is used instead of the override keyword.
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Circle class
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The browser window with the menu bar turned on is shown in figure 12.3. Let s turn it off by setting the MenuBar property to $false.
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remote computer (or computers) where I ve put my three computer names. Everything in those outermost curly braces, the {}, will get transmitted to the remote computers all three of them. By default, PowerShell will talk to up to 32 computers at once; if you specified more than that, it will queue them up, so that as one computer completes, the next one in line will begin. If you have an awesome network and powerful computers, you could raise that number by specifying the -throttleLimit parameter of Invoke-Command read the command s help for more information.
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8.2.5 New target editor
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The Web Part Page Services Component (WPSC) Object model is a JavaScript component that delivers client-side functionality to Web Parts and Web Part pages. It was used in previous versions of SharePoint and still exists for backward compatibility. The WPSC could make changes to and listen to events from Web Parts using JavaScript. The WPSC is only available for SharePoint Web Parts derived from the old Web Part base class (Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart). Because Microsoft discourages the use of the old Web Part implementation, they don t recommend you use WPSC either. Instead, use the Client Object Model, ASP.NET Ajax, or other dynamic JavaScript libraries such as jQuery.
Assembly version number examples Version String 1 2.1 3.2.1 5.4.* 6.5.4.* Major # 1 2 3 4 5 6 Minor # 0 1 2 3 4 5 Build # 0 0 1 2 Days since 1 Jan 2000 in local time. 4 Revision # 0 0 0 1 Seconds since midnight, local time, divided by 2. Seconds since midnight, local time, divided by 2.
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