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So far so good. But you also need to be able to easily fetch all the bids for a particular item. You need a bidirectional association here, so you have to add scaffolding code to the Item class:
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Drawing a Curve
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Right-click on the References entry under the MyPhotos project in the Solution Explorer window, and select Add Reference.
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As you can see, the buttons are now big enough, but this is hardly the result we want. We want the buttons to be big enough and to be spaced appropriately, and ideally, we want all the buttons to be the same size, instead of having a tiny OK button and a huge Abbrechen button. Fortunately, a feature of the Grid is designed to handle this situation SharedSizeGroups. We can indicate that a set of columns (or rows) should all be the same size. Listing 5.3 shows the XAML for a Grid for the buttons. (The Grid itself also has to be in some form of layout, such as a StackPanel.)
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Type or Destination
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Lazy loading
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Figure 6.4 The five interfaces of the Feeds API
You are now ready to execute some SQL statements. Replace the applicationDidFinishLaunching: in GroceryListAppDelgate.m with the following:
numGreet. To support marshaling by reference, we derive HelloObj from the MarshalByRefObject class. The server is implemented in the HelloService.Main routine and simply registers the HelloObj object. The call to ChannelServices.RegisterChannel in Main registers a new TCP channel. Then we call RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType to register HelloObj with remoting
One thing to pay attention to when you look at the results from the total worker time query is the Age in Cache column, which shows how long the plan for that stored procedure has been in the cache. If the query has recently been recompiled for any reason, it ll clear the plan out of cache, which will obviously affect the total worker time and skew the query results. Total worker time is the overall CPU cost of a particular query since it has been in cache. Depending on your workload, you might have
@interface GroceryItem : ISModel { NSString *name; NSNumber *number; } @property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *name; @property (nonatomic, retain) NSNumber *number; @end
The following is the dictionary definition of the choose folder command: choose folder: Choose a folder on a disk or server choose folder [with prompt plain text] -- a prompt to be displayed in the folder chooser [default location alias] -- the default folder location [invisibles boolean] -- Show invisible files and folders (default is false) [multiple selections allowed boolean] -- Allow multiple items to be selected (default is false) [showing package contents boolean] -- Show the contents of packages (Packages will be treated as folders. Default is false.) Result: alias -- chosen folder
that initializes a static variable, for example) into two separate classes. That way, you can keep the single responsibility principle (SRP) and also have a way to override singleton logic. For example, listing A.2 shows a singleton class, and listing A.3 shows it refactored into a more testable design.
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