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CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
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The important thing to remember is that both === and !== run through the same protocol; !== just inverts the verdict. It s sort of like a judge sending you to jail when the jury says innocent and letting you go free when the jury says guilty. Wouldn t that be something Let s simplify the previous sample with !==, verifying our work with Figure 3 10: var dough = { pastryFlour: [1 + 2/3, "cup"], hazelnutFlour: [1/3, "cup"], butter: [3, "tbs"], sugar: [2, "tbs"], seaSalt: [1/4, "tsp"], soda: [1/2, "tsp"], tartar: [1, "tsp"], heavyWhippingCream: [1, "cup"], currants: [1/3, "cup"] }; dough.heavyWhippingCream[0] !== 2/3; // true dough.currants[0] !== dough.hazelnutFlour[0]; // false dough.hazelnutFlour[0] * 5 !== dough.pastryFlour[0]; // false dough.soda[0] / dough.tartar[0] !== 1; // true
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Another technique is to use specialized tools, like ed and awk, which are designed for extracting and filtering lines of text. You generally use these programs together to perform tasks like filtering lines in a set of files and extracting and formatting information. Both UNIX commands and specialized tools provide you with primitives, but they do not give you the programmatic infrastructure to perform tasks that are more complex. Enter scripting languages. Scripting languages like Perl and Python enable you to perform many of the tasks you accomplished using UNIX commands and tools, but they give you plenty of infrastructure to extend and enhance your solutions. In addition, these languages let you write programs that perform a wide range of tasks, from talking to remote hosts over a network or providing a GUI for user interaction, to performing mathematical operations. There are many reasons to choose a scripting language over a compiled language for a project. Among them are the increased speed of development, the benefits of dynamic typing, and the high-level abstractions insulating you from low-level operations. The common cycle for developing programs in statically typed languages goes something like this: create and edit source files, build the code (compile and link), and run and debug the program. Over time, projects can grow to include many source files that may require recompilation for each new edit. Although there are techniques that reduce source dependency and thereby build times, the build phase can become very time consuming. Contrast this with development under scripting languages. Because these languages are interrupted, there is no build phase; development proceeds directly from edit to run. For mid-to-large projects, this process can greatly reduce the development cycle. In
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Authoring Connector
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IMPLEMENT THE PRINTCURRENTIMAGE METHOD Action 1 In the MainForm.cs code window, indicate that we will use members of the
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With the SQL Server 2005 release, Microsoft implemented new and exciting XML integration into SQL Server. These features include the following: A new native xml data type XML content indexing Improvements to the FOR XML clause Improvements to the OPENROWSET function Integrated support for XML Schema Native XQuery (XML Query Language) support Access to additional XML-specific functionality via SQL CLR integration All of this functionality, with some additional improvements, is included in SQL Server 2008. Many developers have questions about how to take advantage of this new functionality. This chapter is structured in a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) format, and will answer many of the most common questions raised by developers who want to use SQL Server based XML functionality in their applications. We will start with the basics.
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errors if (e.Result) Only set { fields if valid _level = level; _salary = salary; NotifyPropertyChanged("Level"); NotifyPropertyChanged("Salary"); } else { if (level < 100 || level > 102) { _validationErrors["Level"] .Add("Level must be between 100 and 102."); }
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As you can see, all the processing is delegated to a helper class, AmazonHelper, which knows how to build an Amazon URL and how to call Amazon and convert the results into a sequence of AmazonBook objects. Here is the AmazonHelper.BuildUrl method, which takes the criteria and returns an URL that uses them:
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Once this is done, the Report Wizard will send the report request to the Reporting Fa ade. To simulate a distributed application, we created a Web service fa ade (ReportFacade.asmx), which you can find under the 10 folder in the AWReporterWeb application.
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// file : firstform.cs // compile : csc /t:winexe firstform.cs using System.Windows.Forms; // for the Form class namespace MyForms { public class FirstForm : Form { public static void Main() { // create form and start Windows message loop... Application.Run(new FirstForm()); } public FirstForm() { Text = "My First Form"; Width = 200; Height = 100; CenterToScreen(); } } }
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BIOS & firmware versions Physical security Antivirus configuration WMI Pending reboots Windows service packs and hotfixes No domain controller role
CHAPTER 2: Introducing the Xcode Workspace
<BeginStoryboard x:Key="FadeInB"> <Storyboard> <DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="docReaderB" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Opacity" From="0.0" To="1.0" Duration="{StaticResource animationTime}" /> <DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="docReaderA" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Opacity" From="1.0" To="0.0" Duration="{StaticResource animationTime}" /> </Storyboard> </BeginStoryboard> </UserControl.Resources>
Select the Executables tab. Add the following environment variables to the Environment Variables list:
Now that s all well and good (and very handy), but how does that help us with coordinating backups and restores across multiple databases Well, by encapsulating statements that update multiple databases within a single marked transaction, we can achieve the desired result (see listing 10.2).
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