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Refreshing Your List of Tweets
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External Services and Resources
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Declares TextBox to validate
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Combining Errors and Exceptions
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CHAPTER 4: You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
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{ param ( <parameter list> ) begin { <statementList> } process { <statementList> } end { <statementList> } }
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Building Web Parts that can be connected requires that you either create a provider Web Part or a consumer Web Part and in many cases you create both ends. Each provider consumer connection has a contract that tells the consumer what it can expect to receive from the provider. The provider and consumer communicate using an interface, the contract, which the provider Web Part exposes. The consumer Web Part uses this interface to retrieve information from the provider. You can create custom interfaces for your own providers and consumers or use any of the default connection interfaces. There s a huge benefit to using the default interfaces because they re compatible with several of the out-of-the-box Web Parts in SharePoint. (See appendix A for a comprehensive list of Web Parts and their connection interfaces.) In this section, I ll show you both ways: custom interfaces and the default interfaces. In addition, I ll describe how to combine the ASP.NET Ajax framework with Web Part connections. This approach allows you to make your dashboards perform better without reloading the page completely.
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Now exit the nested prompt session with the normal exit statement. This returns you to the previous level in the interpreter where, since we re stepping, you re prompted to continue. Respond with a<enter> for [A] Yes to All to get out of stepping mode.
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} PROCESS { Get-WmiObject Win32_BIOS -comp $_ -ea Stop } } 'Server-R2','Notonline','Localhost' | Get-Stuff Write-Host "Done"
You can use static and dynamic hyperlinks to requests reports by URL.
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In our application, we will use normal textual tabs that are drawn by the framework. This section creates tab pages by hand and using Visual Studio .NET. First, we will finish the code started in the previous section to display the images associated with an album. 11.2.1 CREATING TAB PAGES DYNAMICALLY Time for us to finish the menuImages_Click handler begun in section 11.1.2. This handler responds to the Click event for the Images menu associated with our ListBox control in the MyAlbumEditor application. We will create a TabPage control for each image in the album.
The main element you should pay attention to in the interfaces is the Expression property of the IQueryable interface. It gives you the expression that corresponds to the query. The actual query underneath the hood of an IQueryable is an expression tree of LINQ query operators/method calls. This is the part of the IQueryable that your provider must comprehend in order to do anything useful. Note that the IQueryable<T> interface implements IEnumerable<T> so that the results of the query it encompasses can be enumerated. Enumeration should force the execution of the expression tree associated with an IQueryable object. At this time, we ll translate the expression tree into an Amazon web query and make the call to Amazon s web services. This is what the IQueryProvider referenced by an IQueryable instance will do. We have to implement the members of the IQueryProvider interface in order to handle the execution of the queries. Here is how it is declared:
What this workflow will do is apply a red label to the files that are larger than the value specified by the user. To do that, add the Label Finder Items action to the end of the workflow. Check the red label in the action s interface. After doing that, run the workflow. It will apply a red label to the files larger than the size specified by the user (you in this case).
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