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The relationship between Close and Dispose Before we return to the topic of calling CloseCurrentAlbum when our application exits, let s look at the relationship between Close and Dispose in .NET. It s actually quite simple: they are the same. For all classes in the .NET Framework, a call to Close is equivalent to calling the Dispose method, and a call to Dispose is equivalent to calling the Close method. The term close traditionally applies to objects like files and windows, and .NET has preserved this terminology. When you are finished with a form or a file, it seems silly to require a call to both Close and Dispose, so it makes sense to merge these two concepts together. The .NET design team could have chosen to use a common name for all classes, but programmers naturally expect to close objects such as forms and files, and closing objects like arrays or drawing objects seems a bit odd. Instead, the designers chose to use both methods and define them to be equivalent. For Form objects, the behavior of the form itself varies depending on whether the object is displayed as a modal or modeless window. For a modeless window, displayed with the Form.Show method, the nonmemory resources are automatically cleaned up when the form is closed. This makes life much easier for us programmers, since we do not have to remember anything in this case. You cannot use a modeless Form after it is closed since all of its resources are gone. The Hide method should be used if you simply want to remove a Form from the desktop and display it later via the Show method. We will see this in chapter 13 when we use a tool bar button to hide the modeless dialog created in section 8.4 of this chapter. For modal windows, displayed with the Form.ShowDialog method, there is a problem in that the dialog is typically accessed after the window disappears. As a result, a modal dialog must call Dispose explicitly to release its nonmemory resources. Typically, a modal dialog is created and destroyed in the same block of code. For example:
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MOM Server MOM Server MOM Server MOM Server MOM Server MOM Server MOM Server MOM Server
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The parameters of a lambda expression can be explicitly or implicitly typed.
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Logs uncaught exceptions. Handles uncaught exceptions. Turns system events into exceptions and logs them. Turns system events into exceptions and handles them. Turns runtime events into exceptions and logs them. Turns runtime events into exceptions and handles them. Logs uncaught exceptions thrown in the main run loop of the application. Handles uncaught exceptions thrown in the main run loop of the application. Logs all other exceptions thrown in the main run loop of the application, which includes caught exceptions. Handles all other exceptions thrown in the main run loop of the application, which includes caught exceptions.
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MOM Information Utility
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J# contains a Thread class that is very similar to the System.Threading.Thread class. One fundamental difference is that the .NET System.Threading.Thread class is sealed. This means that it cannot be inherited from. In J# it s possible, and often desirable, to subclass the Thread class.
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The SelectByPolygon Method
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The TabControl is another ItemsControl available within Silverlight. This ItemsControl is designed to show multiple content items in the same physical space on the screen using a tab metaphor to switch between them. Each of these pieces of content is defined within a TabItem, which happens to be a ContentControl. Because of this, you can define the complete visual tree for each TabItem. Before you can do this, you must reference the System.Windows.Controls assembly. The tab-related controls are extended controls like the GridSplitter mentioned in chapter 7, so the sdk prefix will be used once again throughout this section, as shown in listing 10.9. read datamatrix
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As you may remember, Nina, Rangu, and Otto develop financial modeling software. Their main product, Finmodler, requires frequent updates, and the team is constantly releasing new patches and datasets. Keeping users up to date is an ongoing problem. Nina is responsible for providing new datasets and patches. Several times a month, she ll get a call from the company s chief analyst, who tells her it s time for a new dataset to be distributed. It usually takes a morning for her to combine the required data from a number of sources, package it as a dataset, and make it available to users by uploading it to an online file repository. When she s finished, Nina sends an email to the Finmodler community mailing list to announce the new dataset. Users are then supposed to download, install, and start using the new data. The problem is that from Nina s point of view, most users are either too busy or inexperienced to download and install the datasets themselves. She spends way too much of her time helping users with these new datasets, and she wants to find a way to automate the process. One day, as she gets ready for her morning run, Nina comes up with a solution to this problem. Nina has an Apple iPod, which she carries on every run. She listens to her music collection and to podcasts audio files that are automatically downloaded to
Figure 5.15 In this example, the Sales2 server is installed as a failover participant for the Sales instance installed on the Sales1 server.
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