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In the result shown here, $matches[0] is the overall key, $matches[1] is the first submatch, in this case the leading a , and $matches[2] is the remainder of the string. As always, matching is case-insensitive by default, but you can specify the -case option to make it case-sensitive. This is demonstrated in the next example.
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int i = 10; int j = 13; i += j; // display the result System.Console.WriteLine(i); } }
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Listing 11.10 An ItemTemplate used in an ItemsControl
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Listing 1 Scripting CREATE INDEX commands to a new filegroup
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Figure 7 10. Creating the control bindings in Interface Builder
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Music Ch. 13
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Common LINQ to XML scenarios
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Object trees
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Register asynchronous task
The only useful information here is the one property that doesn t start with two underscores: ReturnValue. That number tells me the result of the operation. A Google search for Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration turns up the documentation page, and I can then click through to the EnableDHCP method to see the possible return values and what they mean. Figure 13.1 shows what I discovered. Zero appears to mean success, while 84 says that IP isn t enabled on that adapter configuration, so DHCP can t be enabled. But which bit of the output went with which of my two network adapter configurations It s difficult to tell, because the output
PS (7) > $user.keys LastName FirstName PhoneNumber
select U.LAST_NAME, count(U.USER_ID) from USER U group by U.LAST_NAME
Game Kit Programming
The Binding class represents a simple data binding between a data source entry and a Windows Form control. The Binding instances defined for a control are contained by the DataBindings property of that control. This class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace. Binding Public Constructor Create a new Binding instance. This has the following signature:
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