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The implementation of ICompositeUserType has its own properties, defined by PropertyNames B. Similarly, the properties each have their own type, as defined by PropertyTypes C. The GetPropertyValue() method D returns the value of an individual property of the MonetaryAmount. Because MonetaryAmount is immutable, you can t set property values individually E. This isn t a problem because this method is optional.
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This dialog box is similar to the standard File Open dialog box in Windows. Similar to creating a new project, when you choose the .dvb project you want, click the Visual Basic Editor button to start working on your project.
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The text field is the box in the Text Objects group that does not have a scrollbar. Add one to the window, and resize as desired. Name the text field txtInput in the Info palette. You may want to set a text formatter for this field to ensure that only text can be entered. For this, select Add Formatter from the Format menu. The formatter type should be Text by default. You may want to experiment with the various format options (see Figure 13-28).
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You will be prompted with a warning. Just touch Forget and the network will no longer show up on your list.
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Debugging Features in the Code Editor
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As we continue to make progress in our journey through the new C# and VB.NET features, the features we introduce in this section will be useful when you start to write query expressions in the next chapter. We ll start this section with an introduction to object and collection initializers. We ll then update our running example to use an object initializer.
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Data Type
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The Microsoft MSDN Security Center (http://msdn.microsoft.com/security/) Tons of excellent information to help you secure your applications, including entire books.
such as connections, commands, and datasets. Perhaps the most important of these classes is the new XML-enabled DataSet which provides a relational data store and a standard API independent of any underlying database management system. We ll look at the DataSet class in more detail in the following section. First we look at managed providers which provide the link between a DataSet and the underlying data store. 4.1.1 The OLE DB and SQL Server managed providers Although a DataSet provides a stand-alone entity separate from the underlying store, in most cases it will get its data from a managed provider whose role is to connect, fill, and persist the DataSet to and from a data store. .NET offers two such providers embodied in the following two namespaces: System.Data.SqlClient Used to talk directly to Microsoft SQL Server. System.Data.OleDb Used to talk to any other provider that supports OLE DB (a COM-based API for accessing data). For the most part, both namespaces provide the same important classes which represent the following major ADO.NET objects: Connection Represents a connection to a data source. Command Represents an executable SQL statement or stored procedure. DataReader Facilitates the reading of a forward-only stream of rows from a database. DataAdapter Represents a set of commands and a connection which can be used to fill a DataSet and update the underlying data store. Depending on the provider used, these ADO.NET objects have different class names, as shown in table 4.1.
In the switch statement, select the correct version of the Photograph reader.
The WaitHandle class (figure 8.2) allows for a form of manual synchronization; manual in the sense that you, the developer, need to do most of the work. The previous chapter introduced automatic synchronization. This chapter focuses on more powerful, and fundamental, constructs of synchronization. As you can see in figure 8.2 WaitHandle is an abstract base class and, because it is, instances of it cannot be created. To utilize the methods of WaitHandle, either we must use static/shared methods or an instance of a class derived from it must be instantiated. The WaitHandle class is a wrapper around the Win32 synchronization handles. All classes derived from WaitHandle support multiple wait operations. Because these classes are closely tied to Win32 objects, they are less portable than the Monitor class.
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